Now More than Ever

Kim Tracy Prince | 42 days ago
I shared this with my work group last week because it’s been running through my head non-stop. Most of my colleagues are much younger, so I suspect they’ve never been treated to JCM like this: I was shocked to see that this song debuted in 1992. (It should be noted that the only person who […]
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Quaranteenth Birthday

Kim Tracy Prince | 52 days ago
I hardly ever blog anymore. I thought quarantine would be a great time for me to return to it as a regular thing, but I’ve been working harder than ever at my day job. While the activity for work is similar to before—organizing marketing and communications—the overall effect on my body and my psyche of […]
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Cut to: November

Kim Tracy Prince | 200 days ago
“So, you went to sleep a year ago, and then what happened?” My friend Melanie, the miniatures artist turned travel writer turned certified wine expert, asked me this during a phone call last week. We haven’t connected in real time since about a year ago, so she was right. What a year. I’ve been busy, […]
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Things That Self Help

Kim Tracy Prince | 450 days ago
Self help. I had a year full of turmoil starting at the end of 2017. Deaths, losses, internal strife, a job change, a fire. One stressful situation after another, and I reached a point at which I had to do something to strengthen myself against the next blow. After all, I’m the matriarch, and people […]
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Photo Collage of Malibu Coast

Kim Tracy Prince | 464 days ago

Hello, 2019

Kim Tracy Prince | 498 days ago
Happy New Year Oh, hi! Yep, I’m still here. It’s been a while. It’s been several months and a handful of big life events. I just read my last post…from July! Is that the longest I’ve ever gone without publishing here? It seems comical to me now, this idea of setting goals last summer, and […]
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Summer Goal Setting

Kim Tracy Prince | 671 days ago
Lots of people do their goal-setting at the end of the year, or the beginning of the year, or near the end or the beginning of their financial year. I just realized I do mine while on summer vacation. That makes sense, right? After all, I’ve always lived by the school calendar, even when I […]
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The Bar is Low for Mother’s Day with Teens

Kim Tracy Prince | 750 days ago
What do you when Mother’s Day sucks? I don’t have high expectations for gifts or favors on special occasions. My husband isn’t much of a planner or a big-gesture kind of guy, and try as I might to set the example for my kids, when it comes around to my birthday or Mother’s Day, it […]
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The Pallbearer

Kim Tracy Prince | 780 days ago
It snowed on the day of my grandmother’s funeral. Big fat flakes. I wore the full-length wool coat I left behind when I moved to Los Angeles in 1995. The boxy shoulders dated its style, but it kept my legs warm, and besides, my Nana was dead, so who cared? I insisted on being one […]
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Kim Tracy Prince | 804 days ago
In reviewing my first draft of my (first?) novel, I have found the word “bloom” used as a verb several times. You might wonder why I don’t remember writing it so often, but other writers might tell you that they, too, review their words as if reading a work penned by someone else. They feel […]
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