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    Another Closet Cleaned

    February 16th, 2015

    This has been my year of cleaning out closets.


     I didn’t do it deliberately, like declaring “This will be the year of the Closet” or anything like that. I guess that since it’s been almost 5 years since we moved, I finally hit that wall, the one that says “YOU HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF.”


    IMG_7916Candles, outdoor stuff, and placemats, oh my!

    Last week I stopped by Costco to stock up on normal provisions and I happened upon a sale on Snapware – just a box of humble leftover containers, but it made my heart sing. “Screw it,” I said. “I’ll just get this, pull out all of my mismatched Tupperware, Rubbermaid, and Gladware stuff, and replace it with this nice, neat stack.”

    And that turned into “I’ll reorganize this cabinet.”

    And that turned into “I’ll reorganize ALL THE CABINETS RAAAAAAR!”

    Well, the kids came home in the middle of the project so I made it through three cabinets. Five if you count each door individually. I pulled everything out, wiped the shelves down with a damp rag, and put back ONLY the stuff we actually USE. I packed a box to donate (because I’m done with yard sales for a good long time) and stashed that in the garage. Now I even have some empty space!





    That makes me happy. It also made me wonder if my children are going to reflect, when they are grown, back to when their mother went totally nuts over pretty, organized stacks of Snapware. “I think that’s why I have always hated leftovers,” they will tell their therapists.

    Or maybe they will catch the fever. Or maybe they won’t remember it at all. (That’s what the blog is for. My organizing fits will haunt the internets for decades.)


    Cheers, My Long Lost Friend #tbt

    February 12th, 2015

    kim and lisa on a boat

    Cocktail cruise on Lake Arrowhead. Must be pre-2005 because that’s a bikini on me under that tank top and pants. And that’s Lisa on the left.

    #tbt = Throwback Thursday


    Wordless Wednesday: What Sins?

    February 11th, 2015

    First Confession


    And Then Everyone Started Having Kids #tbt

    February 5th, 2015

    Katie and Kim Christmas 2003
    For Throwback Thursday (#tbt) – this was the last Christmas work party before children (B.C.). Technically in 2004 I was still just pregnant, but I’m counting that. In this picture, I was allowed to drink adult beverages without worrying about affecting any fetus, or being “that mom.”

    On the left is my girl Katie. She has two kids now herself. And she’s still as adorable.

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    Our Christmas Vacation (by 7-year-old Brady)

    February 4th, 2015


    Brady had to write a story about his life for school. It didn’t have to be very long, maybe 5-10 sentences. Normally he loathes even that short length, but for some reason this time he got on a roll. He would not be stopped until the story was fully told. He gave me permission to transcribe his work and publish it here.

    Our mom was going to the airport but we thought we were going to get our Christmas tree but she surprised us but Kyle cried on the bus. Then, when we were dropped off at the airport, we ran to our number of the plane. We sat for a little bit and we got up to get in line and my board pass number was 161. And we went through the tunnel and found our seat. The plane went really slow but when it turned the corner it went really fast. We sat there for 3 hours. When we got off the plane we went to Five Guys and after that we got to another plane number and we sat there for 15 minutes and we got on the plane but this time we sat there 8 hours and we saw our aunts and their names were Kathy and Zue. They took us to their car and drived to their house and we watched TV for a little bit but right then we had to put our pajamas on and we had to get in bed. The next morning we ran to their car and drove to our grandparents and when Kathy knocked on the door we ran out from behind the car and said “Surprise!” and my Gramma cried with tears of joy. Later that day for a little bit I helped set up the party but right before then Aunty Kathy said “Nana is coming.”


    I was about to finish sorting the plates and napkins. But we had to go back to our Grampa’s house because if she saw us it would ruin the surprise. When it was time to go to the party, Aunt Kathy was here to pick us up to go to to their house, me and Kyle were so excited to see our family and to have a snow ball fight. So we drove their house and surprised everyone. I went in and I ate meatball pizza and the most delicious macaroni and cheese. When we were done eating we put on our coats and went outside and we threw snow balls everywhere. But before Kyle can get snow, I struck Kyle in the crotch and when I did that we went inside and the snow ball fight was over. That was the best snow ball fight in the world!

    I’ve been meaning to write the story of our epic Christmas surprise, but Brady really stole the show. My summary is this:

    My grandmother, our Nana, loves nothing more than to spend time with her great grandchildren. Since I haven’t taken the boys back to CT since 2005 (and Brady didn’t even exist then) I thought it was high time to do that if we could work it out financially and schedule-wise. Aunts Kathy and Karen thought the the same thing, so we conspired to surprise everyone. Even the kids. Even my parents, who stayed with us for 10 days at Thanksgiving!

    So, on the morning of December 20, we piled the kids into the (secretly) pre-packed car and told them we were finally going out to get our Christmas tree. They didn’t realize that something was up until we were in the parking lot at LAX. “How are we going to get the tree back to the car on the shuttle bus?” Brady asked. Since they still didn’t get it, I had to tell them. “We are going to CT for Christmas!” Brady was elated, but Kyle was not. “Christmas is at our house,” he said. And indeed, he did cry on the bus.

    I tried to take that one in stride. I wasn’t prepared for disappointment. Lesson learned – for a schedule change such as this, a surprise might not be the best move.

    It was amazing for my parents, however. And the rest of our family, and my girlfriends. The best moment of the whole adventure was when we showed up at my parents’ house on a random Sunday morning when my dad was reading the paper and my mother was quilting. Aunt Kathy snapped this picture of the moment they saw the kids:

    mom and dad christmas surprise

    My grandmother was equally overjoyed and talked about the surprise for weeks.

    I hate traveling around the holidays, which is why we haven’t done it in almost 10 years. But this was worth it.

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