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    Wordless Wednesday: Coffee Time

    March 25th, 2015

    china coffee creamer and sugar bowlI had people over for coffee this morning – a rare opportunity to use my grandmother’s china coffee creamer and sugar bowl. So dainty, so feminine, so shut up in a cabinet and lonely most of the time.


    How To Survive Little League…Tips For Parents

    March 22nd, 2015

    baseball coach fist bumpBrady’s very first baseball tryout, age 4.

    This is our family’s fourth baseball season, so by now I have settled into a rhythm with a toolkit in the trunk that helps me navigate and sit through practices and games.

    On a new link-collection site created by my advertising network, Mode, I built a “story” out of different articles on the internet that I pulled together that any parent getting into youth sports can appreciate and use. This includes a link to the umbrella chair I wish I had, an article about how parents spend too much money on kids’ sports (Amen!), Pinteresty snack bags for the team, and even my favorite sunscreen.

    Click here to check it out—> Play Ball! How to Survive Little League – on Mode

    brady on the dodgersBrady’s game last week, age 7.

    Kind of like Pinterest, but not exactly, Mode’s stories give you the opportunity to collect links all in one place for the categories you never knew you needed to create. Like this other one I made for geocaching, my favorite nerdy hobby.

    Check these and my other Mode stories out on my profile page here. And if you are part of the Mode network, let’s be friends! Follow me there, and I’ll happily follow back. I love the wacky and fun stories people put together.

    Now excuse me while I go fill 11 little handmade snack bags with organic healthy snacks and stickers that say “Slugger.”


    Is There Love After Death? “Soul Sessions” by Carson Gage

    March 16th, 2015

    love after death daisies

    Have you ever met someone and been struck by an instant attraction? Not just physical attraction, but a curiosity about her, or an inexplicable need for more information about him? What about those chance meetings that result in lifelong companions or love connections?

    Sometimes it does seem like you’re meant to be with another person, whether it be love or friendship. That’s a concept that Carson Gage explores in his novel Soul Sessions, a story of one man’s journey to identify what’s missing in his life.

    Soul Sessions image

    Seemingly at the top of his game, mid-30’s Nick Dalton is struggling. He has a thriving career in the competitive world of investment banking, a beautiful girlfriend, and college pals who still call him to make road trips back to school for “the big game” (not a small gift in life, says this Notre Dame grad). But late at night Nick’s battle with depression has no noise to keep it quiet, and he considers suicide.

    An unconventional therapist helps Nick get to the source of his depression, and then some. Over his weekly appointments she leads him into hypnotherapy and then through past-life regression. Nick  learns about the spiritual world and discovers that he’s had previous lives – and that there is one special soul he should be on the lookout for in this one.

    Soul Sessions is a quick read – the Nick’s voice is similar to those of many guys I knew in college. Except…a little deeper, because he’s sharing his thoughts. Even though Notre Dame guys are especially expressive, I’ve never been able to read their minds. (I’m going to guess that that’s a good thing.) There is a wealth of information about hypnotherapy and past life regression, and if you believe that there are soulmates for every person, this book explores that concept in depth.

    reading with quilt and tea

    But it’s Nick’s story that drives the book forward, and I got comfy one afternoon as I was coming down with a cold – and therefore had an excuse to “take the day off” from being chief cook, chauffeur, and laundry maid for my family – and snuggled up in my “reading quilt” to read most of it as the sun made its way down to the horizon. By the time it glowed above the mountains to the west, I had finished Soul Sessions.


    What struck me most about the story were the instances of missed connections – how Nick realized he had almost encountered his soul mate more than once over the years. We all hope we wind up with the right person, and we make appropriate choices (or we don’t) and life is what it is. Or we have the power to change it. Our attitude makes all the difference.

    The same with friends. Some of my favorite people in the world are ones I’ve met through the internet since I started blogging. It seemed like an accident at first, but you realize you have so much in common, it must be fate. Right?

    IMG_7598Is this Heaven? No, it’s California.

    Soul Sessions is available on Amazon – a simple experience to click and purchase, and the book shows up at your door within days. You can even preview the book by reading a few pages online before you buy. Check out more information on the book and its author, Carson Gage, and how he was inspired to write this story because of his own near-miss with death, at the book’s website.

    Soul Sessions
    Paperback, $11.56 on Amazon

    I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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    Why Cleaning a Closet Gives Me a False Sense of Control and That’s Okay

    March 14th, 2015

    Left side

    Life is full of hard choices and sacrifices and love that makes everything worth the struggle. Sometimes my life seems to spin out of control: too many things that MUST get done, not enough time to do it. You know those moments when you have 20 minutes before the kids get out of school, but there are so many things on the to do list that you just can’t focus and pick one? That’s when I feel myself spinning out of control. I want to throw my hands up in the air and give up. Grab a snack. Sit on the couch, flip through the TV channels, and wish the world away.

    But that would just make me feel worse because I always have to feel “productive.” It’s a weakness, one that I am always working on.

    I’ve found that a wonderful way to cope, to give myself a dose of productivity to ease that out-of-control feeling, is to organize something. Even something small, like a drawer, the Tupperware cabinet, my pile of jeans, or even my pencil cup. Sometimes I go completely balls-out and reorganize my entire wardrobe and closet.

    Sigh, those are good times.

    A few weeks ago I had one of those days – packed schedule, messy house, frazzled brain. In the midst of all of it Kyle needed a glue stick to finish a project for his homework. I told him to look in the desk in the kids’ play room. It’s a big double-wide secretary that I bought when Brady was a baby to serve as my own desk, but now it holds all their art supplies and paper.

    “I can’t find one,” he called.
    “Look in the top left shelf on the left side” I answered, knowing exactly where every item in my house should be.
    “They’re not HERE!” he wailed.

    I marched in there and looked in. The desk was a mess, papers and markers and activities and LEGOs, always the LEGO’s, all shoved in willy-nilly.

    IMG_8113That glue stick up there? Dry and empty and useless.

    The kid should have known better. Next thing he knew, even though we were rushing to get everything done so we could get out the door, I had pulled all the contents of the desk out and put them on the floor. I made him stay in there with me and decide what to throw out, what to save, and what to recycle. Then I made him leave. Ten minutes later, he saw this:


    “Wow! It looks amazing!” he marveled.
    “And look,” I said smugly. “Here are the glue sticks.”


    I had found them right where they were supposed to be. They were just buried by all the other junk. It only took a few minutes to do all this, and at the end Kyle had his glue and I had a tiny bit more peace of mind. Cheaper than therapy, healthier than alcohol. (But sometimes I do both at once. Wild!)

    Sure, in a few days the whole thing will be a disaster again. It’s like laundry, that Zen challenge that always comes back. Whatever control over my surroundings this re-organizing process affords me, it is fleeting and slight, but it’s something instead of nothing, or instead of something unhealthy.


    The State of the Twitter Chat – Join #fabchat on March 11

    March 4th, 2015


    Twitter parties, Twitter chats. There IS a difference, isn’t there?

    Oh, who cares. Twitter isn’t dead, it’s still out there, sitting there, waiting patiently for you to go back and check your feed, cull out the fake accounts you were following, jump in on a conversation, and have some fun.

    Last week there was a hilarious impromptu chat when Federated Media, an ad network that I used to have on this site, allowed a ridiculous “reply all” conversation to happen on a listserv email that suddenly sent hundreds of messages to everyone in its network, current or past. Several of the bloggers took to Twitter to snark about it, somebody created a hashtag, and before you know it there was  super-fun old-school Twitter activity going on.

    So yeah, I still love the Twitter.

    If you don’t understand how Twitter works or you just miss it, the fun conversations to pop in on while you are slogging through HTML or sitting at the park “watching” your children, join me and my colleagues next Wednesday at 10am Pacific (by then you will have adjusting to Daylight Savings Time) for #fabchat. That’s all you need to know. Just go on Twitter, follow these handles:


    And put #fabchat into the search box. That will show you all the tweets that our chatters have entered with the same hashtag, and keeps you in the conversation. We’ll start out talking about spring break – what are your plans? What are the kids’ plans? What do you do if you have NO plans? Or kids? – and like we always do, we’ll wind up talking about food, cocktails, and hot guys.

    It’s fun.

    Sometimes there are prizes, and sometimes, yes, we have $pon$ors, because why not kick it up a notch working with brands we love who value what we do? But we always keep it real.

    To really get the most of out a Twitter chat, I use Tweetdeck, where you can just watch the stream of tweets based on any search you want, or multiple streams at a time.