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10 Years of Blogging – the Tin Anniversary

It’s an exclamation point at the end of an accidental 10-year epic. The closing of a volume in my life’s body of work. Today marks the tenth anniversary of the day I published my first post on houseofprince.blogspot.com, which became this site. I have since published over 2,000 posts and countless others for my secret […]

Wordless Wednesday: Back to the Beginning

This is my first picture of Kyle. I published the very first post on this blog on September 18, 2004. To mark its tenth birthday, I’m sharing a favorite old post every day, here and/or on social media. It’s kind of fun to click on a random month in my 120-month archive (to the right […]

My Top 10 Social Media Pet Peeves

This was part of my reason for ramping down on Social Media for the summer. Because, obviously. I’m up on my soapbox to bitch about the annoying shit I see all over the Facebook and the Twitter and the Pinterest and the Instagram and…what’s next? As soon as a new app comes out that seems […]

The Vacation Will Not Be Hashtagged

At the beginning of June I decided to scale down my use of social media. It was a move I had been contemplating for the summer, and the first of the month seemed like a good clean place to start. I committed to only checking Facebook twice a day, instead of leaving it up on […]