Being a Stay-at-Home Mom Is a Luxury…For Your Kids (A Dad’s Response)


Luxury? Ha! The working spouse is hardly putting his feet up, watching the game and drinking a beer with his buddies. Neither is the stay-at-home parent. The only luxury of having a stay-at-home-mom is felt by the children. And that's how it should be. One dad responds to the … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Back to the Beginning

This is my first picture of Kyle. I published the very first post on this blog on September 18, 2004. To mark its tenth birthday, I'm sharing a favorite old post every day, here and/or on social media. It's kind of fun to click on a random month in my 120-month archive (to the … [Read more...]

5 Tips For Starting the New School Year Off on the Right Foot


School starts for my children next Wednesday, so this is the last week of summer vacation for us! It definitely went by too quickly this year, and I'm in full on back to school mode: gathering new supplies, transitioning the kids to earlier bedtimes, and meditating (that one is … [Read more...]