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From the Great Dance-Off of 2014 We are in our last week visiting my parents in Connecticut. That means our long-awaited annual journey and stay here is more than half over. This year it was even more hotly anticipated because I had to work my ass off to afford the airfare, given the whole stay-at-home-mom-with-trickling-freelance-income [...]

A Perfectly Ordinary Moment With My Extraordinary Kid

They sneak up on you, these perfectly ordinary things, but when the light catches them the right way they pierce your heart and you remember them forever. Perfect moments. One of these was so simple that it seems too obvious a story to tell, but I will never forget it. Of course it’s about one [...]

Wordless Wednesday: Father

Nice to meet you! An InLinkz Link-up

This Is Why I’m a Stay at Home Mom

I wrote this a few weeks ago, while Brady had what turned out to be strep throat. After two days being stuck at home with him, I started to feel like I had a newborn again: I hadn’t showered, or remembered to brush my teeth, or slept well. Now I can look back and say [...]