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How About Swimming?

When my boys were old enough to join a sports team, I never considered swimming as an option. Soccer, baseball, flag football, etc., yes – because those are all in my face all the time. “Soccer mom” is as easy a phrase as breathing. But “swim team mom” is not something that is programmed into [...]

Climb Out of Darkness – Postpartum Depression Fundraiser

I like to hike. It’s my favorite form of exercise – not too bouncy, not too repetitive, and it gets me outside in nature. Well, some trails in the Los Angeles area are sort of nature-adjacent but you have to listen to the sounds of leaf blowers and people and trucks and stuff. But still, [...]

Wordless Wednesday: Over My Head

I started a little vegetable garden and I want it to look like this, but I have no idea what I’m doing. Weekly updates here.

Second Breakfast Is Another Chance for a Great Start

A day in my glamorous life. There’s really not ever much of a lull in my schedule. Maybe Sundays, when I am too exhausted from the frenzy of the week. A typical weekday goes like this: I get up at 6AM to make lunches and have a little quiet time alone. Then breakfast, the mad [...]