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The Doctor Is In…Your Computer – LiveHealth Online Makes Housecalls

The future is now and it is in the form of video-conferencing with a doctor, courtesy of LiveHealth Online. The computer doctor is perfect for this family One recent morning I woke up with my left eye sealed shut. “Oh no,” I thought. “Pink eye.” Cue the bells of doom. I had a meeting with [...]

Eyebrows! (Or, look! I made a .gif!)

I just couldn’t resist.

Words I Hate After Watching HGTV House Hunters Marathon

On Easter Sunday I had both TV’s tuned to HGTV – live – while I did laundry and also made gumbo, which I do every Easter. Basically, it’s because we don’t have family here in LA and nobody ever invites us to their own family dinner, and not because of my boisterous boys – I [...]

Flashback Saturday: 16

I missed Flashback Friday. So, here’s Flashback Saturday, which doesn’t make any sense at all. It was 1987. I was 16. That is the only way to explain my hair and that sweatshirt.