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Up In Space

Photo by Michal Zacharzewski Writing is the art that I love. Obvs. I am comfortable spitting words out on a blank sheet of paper, a blank composition window, a bright white new document in word processing software. Even collections of words that are, at first, meaningless to anyone but myself. Or even meaningless to me. […]

An Open Letter to the Asshole Who Hit My Car

Dear Mean Lady Who Was Speeding Through the Parking Lot and Because I Was Backing Out of My Space (Even Thought I Was Going Very Slowly and You Were Speeding) Our Insurance Companies are Putting All of the Liability on Me: Did you get some email from the Universe that told you my family is […]

5 Days of Gratitude: Day 1, Estate Planning

My friend and fellow writer Rina tagged me in that old-school way to do an exercise in which I list three things that make me grateful, five days in a row. But it was on Facebook, and I still have my love/hate relationship with Facebook dialed too far into the wrong side to want to […]

Wordless Wednesday: Bulky Item Pickup

In my parents’ town there is a twice-yearly event called Bulky Item Pickup, during which you can put large items out on the curb in front of your house and the trash trucks will pick them up. The day was Monday, but since last weekend was a holiday, it took a few days to clear […]