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The Zombie Apocalypse Is Real With K’NEX Plants Vs. Zombies Building Sets

Color me surprised that the first Plants vs. Zombies toys we got to play with in real life were made by K’NEX! And when I say “we” I mean not me at all. Just my kids and my husband. Because when it comes to building toys that consist of a million little pieces, I am […]

Spiral-bound Family Time by Dotmine Day Planners (Review)

Everyone has their own special way of organizing time. As if we humans could do that. It’s the charade of control that we enjoy, isn’t it? Blocking off hours on the calendar labeling them “DO NOT DISTURB,” scribbling commitments in a time slot months in advance, adhering (or not) to a schedule. Writing lists of […]

Snarky E-Cards That Are Real: Tear-Out Cards For Every Situation

It’s easy enough to hide behind your Facebook profile or the creepy dating app that you use, but what happens in REAL LIFE when you are tongue-tied or caught in an awkward situation? Remember a long time ago there were weird little calling cards? They’re back! Tear-Out Cards from Ulysses Press can handle any weirdness, […]

Forecast For September 27: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (2)

Six months after the citizens of Swallow Falls vacated their island to allow a clean-up team to remove the giant food and redistribute it throughout the world to famine-ravaged nations, Flint Lockwood and his band of friends (and Steve! the monkey) return to find that the food is still there…and it’s alive. There are walking, […]