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Wordless Wednesday: Pink

Flashback Friday: Being John Malkovich

I have no recollection of this. My files say it’s from 1999. I know I’m the one in the middle with the fake combover, and that’s Christine on the left, and my dear Heather on the right. Heather is recovering from surgery, so I found the most awesome photo of her to put up here. [...]

My 6-Month Non-Toxic Nail Polish Roundup

Me and Angel It started in March with an event that happened close to where I live, which is rare, so I went. It was the launch of Chrome Girl nail polish, co-owned by Jamie Boreanaz, wife of Angel, who is loved by my best friend E. So I had to go to get a [...]

Senior Moment

The phrase “senior moment” is starting to not be funny anymore. Except when it is. I have a friend who is insanely young, like 30 or something, who has had three kids already and remembers everything I say, especially when I text it or leave comments on her blog: I saw this photo and I [...]