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From the Great Dance-Off of 2014 We are in our last week visiting my parents in Connecticut. That means our long-awaited annual journey and stay here is more than half over. This year it was even more hotly anticipated because I had to work my ass off to afford the airfare, given the whole stay-at-home-mom-with-trickling-freelance-income [...]

Wordless Wednesday: Blue

The view from my lounge chair at The Grand Del Mar in California last month. I’m pretty sure this is one of my all-time favorite views. An InLinkz Link-up

Dude, This Is a Totally Deep Hole

In attempting to solve The Case of Where To Go Dancing When You Are Over 40, my friend Leanne and I met at a beachside bar about 40 minutes from where I am staying in my parents’ town. She humors my geocaching addiction, so when I said “Let’s kill some time before the music starts [...]

I’m a Happy California Homeowner in The Bubble

Agoura Hills, CA. Sometimes it looks like a fairy tale. When I married my husband, he already owned his own house, so I assumed ownership too but it never felt quite real. After going through the whole process of selling that house and buying our new one (with the help of our awesome REALTOR® who [...]