Flashback Friday: Jukebox Hero

You’re just not cool unless you’re wearing sunglasses inside and sticking out your tongue.



Songs That Make Me Say Hell Yeah! “Royals” by Lorde

Here is it, folks. The first song I’m posting that doesn’t stab me in the heart.

I can’t remember the last song that grabbed me by the gut and led to me buying it and playing it over and over until my family yelled at me to stop playing it already. This may have happened last when I lived with my parents. Who knows?

So, I’m a little late to this party, but at least I showed up. Consider hitting “play” here and then clicking off this screen or just closing your eyes and listening, because I couldn’t find a video for this song that wasn’t distracting from the actual music:

My friends and we’ve cracked the code
We count our dollars on the train to the party
And everyone who know us knows
That we’re fine with this
We didn’t come from money

The beat is hypnotic, and the voice is strangely textured. I first heard this on KROQ, which is supposedly a rock station. I was intrigued. And then I heard it on a pop station, which is when I figured everyone else in the world has already heard it, and this is no breaking news.

What shocked me is that the singer is only 16. And then I watched this video and I found HER hypnotic too, the way she moves her body as she sings, the shapes her face makes – it’s hard to look away. The official video is even worse — I couldn’t stand the forced symbolism of the stark beige apartment and the kids shaving their heads. It just made me think “My kid better never do that,” and reminded me of how old I am and how young they are.

These kids today. They have no place in the music that gets me to say “hell yeah!” even if they are the ones who make it.

Martha Stewart Is Kind of Right

expert popsicle stick house

expert popsicle stick house

Oh, the shorts in a bunch. My Facebook and Twitter feed is all up in a tizzy because Martha Stewart said “Who are these bloggers? They are not trained editors at Vogue Magazine…[blah blah] bloggers are not experts.”

First of all, I would like to hear the whole question before I know what the heck she was talking about.

Secondly, SHE IS RIGHT. Relax, though, my esteemed colleagues. She’s not talking about you.

There are 8.5 jigawatt-gazillion blogs. They can’t all be experts.

Yes, there are plenty of true experts blogging about their fields. I don’t really consider myself an expert on anything besides my own opinion. When I throw a recipe up here on the blog, I’m not suggesting to you that I am an expert chef or baker. When I write about makeup, I am not saying I’m a beauty expert. These are my opinions, my experiences, and I’m sharing them with my readers.

And that’s what SO MANY BLOGS are. Maybe yours IS an expert site about food. Maybe it’s about fashion. Maybe you ARE an expert. I’m pretty sure Martha wasn’t talking about you. You have to admit, there ARE those bloggers who slap up a popsicle stick and Elmer’s glue cross and call it “crafty,” or don a hipster beanie and a chunky necklace and call it “style.” While their opinions are relative, a blogger.com account and a cute dress don’t make you an expert.

Besides, just like we teach our kids, if the insult is untrue, then it shouldn’t really hurt, should it? Just yesterday someone called me a skanky old bitch in a comment here, and I laughed. Because dude, I’m not THAT old. I watched that clip and didn’t think Stewart was including me in her version of “bloggers” at all.

So relax. And as with every other non-story that not much of the rest of the world cares about, maybe if we stop talking about this, it will all go away.

Wordless Wednesday: Hot Boy

summer boy basketball court