Conversation With a Quilter’s Grandson


Brady:  Mom, look, a pumpkin on our door!

Me:  I know, I put it there. Do you know who made it?

Brady:  Gramma!

Me:  Right!

Brady:  It’s like a little blanket, right? Like the one with all the shapes and colors, like purple, and blue?

Me:  The one she made for me this summer? Yes, it’s just like that. It’s called a quilt.

Brady:  (trying out the word) A quilt…

Me:  Yes, and Gramma is a quilter. She makes quilts.

Brady:  A quilter? What is Grampa?

Me:  Grampa is a reader. He reads books.

Brady: …

Brady:  And a napper!


Senior Moment

The phrase “senior moment” is starting to not be funny anymore. Except when it is. I have a friend who is insanely young, like 30 or something, who has had three kids already and remembers everything I say, especially when I text it or leave comments on her blog:

I saw this photo and I was not at all distracted by the first T-shirt. No, I liked the one in the middle the best:


And then I said this:


And then I promptly forgot about it. But lo and behold, on my birthday Desiree sent me this:


And it is awesome.

But I’m still weirded out because I have no memory of making that comment. I wasn’t even drunk. It was 9am!  Oh well. At least now I have a cool button. Not that anyone will ever use it but if you happen upon this post and think it would be just HILARIOUS to link to me in your sidebar, here’s the code:

House of Prince

Flashback Friday: Helen of Baja

January 16, 2004


Helen was from San Francisco. She and her (boyfriend? husband?) Taylor had camped near us at Bahía de Los Angeles  a few nights before, and we ran into them here. What are the odds, you ask. Very good, since there is nothing and nobody in this part of the world, nobody but the small family who maintains the mission, nothing but the cacti and the craggy mountains and the sun-baked wildlife. Helen and Taylor were grad students at Berkeley. We never saw them again, but they were lively company and they live forever in the story of that trip to Baja and in our photos, at least until the lights go out and the pixels are lost.

Later that year I would become pregnant with our first child. We swore we would go back to Baja again, when the kid(s) were old enough.

We haven’t been back yet.

It would be kind of cool if Helen or Taylor saw this. If you know them, pass it on.





Songs That Stab Me in the Heart: “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys

At my wedding, I danced with my father to this song – the studio version, of course, but this is a fantastic live performance.

dad wedding dance practice

This is a picture from the night before the wedding, when I put on my dress and we did a dry run of the dance so that we wouldn’t cry when all eyes were sure to be on us the next day.