Wordless Wednesday: Fuschia


It’s a Good Thing I Rarely Wear Lipstick

…although if I was to take a page from a good 1950′s housewife, I would wear lipstick more often.

This infographic was brought to you by CashNetUSA. But this is not an endorsement of their service. I mean, come on. I just started Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. But I thank CashNetUSA for the cool infographic.

Flashback Friday: KTP.1

baby kim

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Wordless Wednesday: Discovery

geocache at notre dame

What you cannot see in my hand, but you might if you zoom in a little, is a tiny little container known as a “micro” which is a geocache, found at a new-to-us (me and my dad) location on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. The geocache was really small, and I forgot to bring a pen, so this photo served as my log. (That’s geocaching nerdspeak. Fellows, show yourselves.)

I am standing outside the new Jordan Hall of Science at the O’Neill Sundial, an epic creation that “sits on a plaza inlaid with three types of granite to form a 32 foot diameter compass rose, with sunrise and sunset times shown for sixteen dates special to Notre Dame University.”