The Original Rascal

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This is my husband at five years old. Remind you of anyone?

I sat down to write a sweet post about how much I appreciate him. But just now he pissed me off and I don’t feel so sweet towards him at the moment. It’ll have to wait until I simmer down.

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File This Under "Are You F-cking Kidding Me?!"

I just got an email from another mom. One of those forwards that urges me to “be careful.” It includes several stories about children who played in ball pits at Chuck E. Cheese, McDonald’s, and other play areas. The children suffered bizarre symptoms after playing in the pits and then they died, after which it was discovered that under the balls lurked hypodermic needles full of heroin, copperhead snake nests, vomit, feces, and other such horrors. The writer of the original email of course swore that she’d never let her children play in a ball pit again, etc. etc.

Come on, people.

Do I need more horror in my day than I already have? Fire rains from the sky in the Middle East. Homeless people creep along the streets in 110-degree Los Angeles, seemingly dying right before my very eyes. Gas costs a trillionty dollars per gallon while Iran makes 40 billion dollars profit from sales of oil. Now I have to worry about the ball pits that already harbor enough festering germs to start an epidemic? I mean, I’m already turned off the ball pit idea, but this is getting ridiculous.

Update: I checked this out on – you can see if these emails are true or false. Snopes says that all of the stories are in fact false, however: “Though the tragedy described in “Lauren Archer’s” e-mail is fictional, the danger of a tot coming into contact with a discarded syringe in one of those play nests is surprisingly real. Ball pit play areas aren’t always kept in the best condition. Before letting your child loose in one, make sure the play area’s maintenance staff spot cleans the pit once a day and washes all the balls every week. Diapers come off in ball pits, and half-eaten candy is routinely found in there. More disturbingly, syringes and knives have turned up in ball pits. “

In other news, I posted WWC photos below. It seems Oddy Oddmix is still recovering from his birthday celebration, so there isn’t a place for me to bellow I PLAYED! If you happen upon my site here, scroll down. I’m proud of those photos.

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