I’ll Bet It Was a Bugaboo

Hobo, to baby in stroller: You’re a fucking moron, kid, wasting all your money on that shit!

–Central Park



We interrupt this workday to bring you a new blog post. Some updates:

The Pacifier Wars: I seem to have won. Now that I wrote that down for all to read, I’ll bet we regress, but for now, it looks like victory. Kyle hasn’t used the pacifier in over a week. Not that that means he is sleeping any better. Last night he was up from 12:45 to 3:10 AM. Lately he’s been waking me up with a screaming cry because he gets his meaty limbs stuck between the crib rails – even though there’s still a crib bumper in there! Normally I just free him and he rolls over and goes to sleep. Last night he kept popping up and asking to be held. Sucker that I am, I kept bringing him into our bed, sure that THIS TIME he was exhausted enough to fall asleep with us and then I’d bring him back to his room. Why do I always fall for that one? It NEVER WORKS. Anyone know what do with the crib rail problem? I’m not ready to move him into a bed yet. Maybe he’s ready – but I’m not.

Rules of the workplace: here I am blogging at work. But it’s still my lunch hour, so does that count? And I’m dangerously close to breaking my wardrobe rule (no sweatpants in at work). I’m wearing my Mom Uniform: drawstring khakis, Old Navy T-shirt, flip-flops, ponytail. At least I have nice jewelry. It’s so damn hot out right now and I get uncomfortable in nice clothing. Yesterday I wore a breezy ankle-length linen skirt and a nice sleeveless blouse but I felt itchy and bloated. Sorry, TMI. Now here in my sloppy clothes I can relax and I feel much more productive. I also futzed with the lighting in my office – I’m using a torchiere and a desk lamp instead of those awful overhead fluorescent lights. I think they were giving me a headache. In general my job is chugging steadily along. I’m about halfway through my contract. I’ll pimp the show out and urge you to watch it once I’m no longer technically employed here.

Preschool: Kyle is only 15.5 months old. Why deal with preschool? PEER PRESSURE. Two of my friends with 1+ y ear olds are already looking. I asked them why. Because the good ones have 200-family waiting lists! I called the preschool in my neighborhood this morning. It’s dirt cheap and there’s no waiting list. I guess that means it’s not that good. But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and go take a tour. Someday. I’m totally in denial about Kyle going to SCHOOL. Of course, I was in denial about daycare and look what emotional turmoil THAT brought me.

Infertiles: I’m not infertile, well, at least not yet. But I’ve been obsessed with the infertile blogs. I’m not sure why. Maybe I have some trepidation aobut getting pregnant a second time, like it’s not going to be as “easy” as it was the first time. I say it was “easy” because I wasn’t paying close attention. We just stopped NOT trying, and eventually it happened. It started with A Little Pregnant, and I followed a bunch of links from there and found a few that I really like. myunbornjournals, herveryown, humanpincushion, Prop Your Hips Up Afterward, Crazy Us, among others. I would put links here but my LAM (Lame Ass Mac) won’t let me. I’ll do it later. Anyway, you can see some of the links on my blogroll. But Debbie from human pincushion seems to have disappeared. She was newly pregnant and very excited but her blog was gone yesterday. That makes me sad and worried that she may have run into trouble. If anyone knows about her or if Debbie you are reading this I’d love an update.

I’m sure there’s more to tell. It’s nice to see new commenters here. I’m such a blog whore/junkie. Blogs saved my sanity through my pregnancy and now they are doing it for me as a WM.

The Original Rascal

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This is my husband at five years old. Remind you of anyone?

I sat down to write a sweet post about how much I appreciate him. But just now he pissed me off and I don’t feel so sweet towards him at the moment. It’ll have to wait until I simmer down.

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