Here’s Kyle being a good boy and holding Mommy’s hand.

If he wants to go a different way (like into the street) and I don’t let him, he becomes a limp noodle and falls into a sitting position.

So he resorts to crawling!

Breathe Out. Amen.

Look who’s not a baby anymore!

So life goes on at the House of Prince, miles and miles away from where my mother lies in her hospital bed, pumping that morphine as fast as her little thumb can pump it. She called me yesterday, hours after she awoke, sounding like she was on the Best Drug Ever. She pulled through her surgery just fine, and hopefully after a few weeks of recover and TLC from my dad, she will be as good as new.

I want to thank you all for your wishes, good vibes, and prayers. And let me take a moment to say something about Blog Prayers. I have encountered offers of prayers in comments sections of various blogs over the past few years. You see them on the infertile websites when a woman is cycling. You see them when someone is being checked out for cancer, or when a blogger’s loved one is sick. You saw a lot of them after Hurricane Katrina.

I wonder if these prayers work. Prayers from almost strangers. People who read about your life and and think about you, putting their own vibes out into the universe, hoping that you are going to be okay. I have done it myself. I remember quite clearly praying for Lisa Mamalife when her baby girl was sick. Even though I don’t pray. I thought maybe if I prayed, God will know it’s serious. Like when I swear – since I don’t swear as much anymore, people know I’m serious when I do let it fly.

I was reluctant to ask for your prayers, because I felt that if I did I would be asking too much. Wishes seemed like a reasonable request. And the prayers that you did offer were one step beyond what I asked. Even if all of the goodness that you – friends, family, and eFriends – sent us didn’t make a difference to my mother’s colon, MY knowing that you were thinking of us made ME feel really good.

I told her about your comments yesterday during her Morphine High. She seemed to be very happy to hear about them. Of course, I could have told her that I just brought in the mail and she would have been psyched.

Anyway, thank you. From the bottom of my very real heart. Even though many of us have never met, it’s important to remember that we are flesh and blood, and we affect each other. Thank God.