Weekend Words Challenge

This weekend I wanted to illustrate each word separately. I have many fantasies that can be juxtaposed with disappointing realities but since I work in Reality Television I was looking forward to using this opportunity to get creative. I could have taken FabCamera to work, but really, my workplace is NOT photogenic. So I dug into the archives for that one. And with Fantasy, I just snapped pictures as usual and found one that fit. This weekend Kyle, Auntie Lisa, and I took a roadtrip down to San Diego to visit our college chums, D and J, and their three little girls. Beside the 189 hours it took to get there and back in the increasingly urban-sprawlific traffic, we had a good time. Oh, and despite Kyle dropping a heavy Piso Mojado (Wet Floor) sign on my toe, and me slipping on wet pavement and falling flat on my bottom. Otherwise, it was really really fun. More pics of the weekend and the beautiful lil’ girls next time I post.

WWC: FANTASY. Word has it that it will cost $356,777,653 to put him through my alma mater. Good thing we are loaded.

WWC: REALITY. For this one I did not go with the obvious. I picked a photo from Behind the Scenes of Reality Television. This is a shot of me with some of the crew during the filming of an episode of “You’re Invited,” in which we helped someone throw a surprise party in just one day! It aired on the Style. network. Nobody watched it. I’m on the bottom right, wielding the stick. Auntie Katie is on the bottom left.

Cool wall fish