This One Is For Lisa at Mamalife

It’s reader appreciation day here at HOP. Lisa asked about quilts more than once. Here are some pics for her of MomHOP’s handiwork. I know there are more quilty fans lurking. Show your love, people.

For our wedding in 2003, my mother wanted to make us a quilt. She asked me what colors I wanted. You can’t tell in this picture but at the time I had dreams of a blue and white bedroom. I wanted a white bed. I couldn’t imagine how she would pull off a white quilt. Three years later I have already washed it once, but not well. It needs another washing. I need an expert quilt washer to do it for me, or I fear I will ruin this new family heirloom.

Three years later, we do have blue walls. I’ve shown you those before.

This is the Compass Rose. She designed it herself. The little red arrow symbolizes the idea that our relationship must always be headed in the right direction. Or something like that.

In each corner, there is an astrological symbol that is significant in our family. This is Pisces, my mom’s sign. You can make out the fish.

She made a set of six placemats to match our new kitchen. I have no idea who the people in this picture are.