Forecast For September 27: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (2)

Six months after the citizens of Swallow Falls vacated their island to allow a clean-up team to remove the giant food and redistribute it throughout the world to famine-ravaged nations, Flint Lockwood and his band of friends (and Steve! the monkey) return to find that the food is still there…and it’s alive.

There are walking, talking, giant strawberries. Bananas running around like ostriches (and making sounds like dolphins), sardine-loving pickles, swimming marshmallows, frogs made of butter. And then there are the scary food-imals, like the tacodile supreme, and the cheesespider. They are enormous and they spray filling and condiments at people as they roar.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 is the story of how Flint and friends tame the wild food beasts! Several LOL moments from the kids. Check out the trailer here:

My favorite new character is Barb, the ape who serves as sidekick to inventor/mastermind Chester V. Barb’s voice (by Kristen Schaal) is comedic and nuanced and stands out in every one of her scenes. The movie opens tomorrow. Enjoy!

I attended a media screening with my kids to facilitate this feature.

Wordless Wednesday: Hey Jealousy



This guy is probably jealous that we get to frolic on the beach all day and all he can do is watch.

Second Screen Live: Great Way to Revisit Disney Films

Last week I took the kids and the iPad to see The Little Mermaid and play with the new interactive app, Second Screen Live. Here is Kyle’s glowing review (apologies for my super-loud voice):

We received free tickets to facilitate this review.

How Earth Was Made

by guest blogger Kyle Prince


One day a man moved to planet Zog. A woman was already on planet Gloob. The man was lonely, because his planet was blown up by Zelion’s moon.  The man was very sad.  The next day the man remembered he had brought a bucket of water.  He tossed the water at some lava to make obsidian.  The man made a telescope out of obsidian.


The woman looked at Zog.  She was lonely too.  She remembered she had brought an axe.  The woman chopped the ice of Gloob.  With that she made a telescope.  The man and woman looked at each other.  Suddenly the man had an idea.  He scooped up some lava with his bucket.  He threw lava at Gloob.  The ice from Gloob melted off, became water, and then froze again.  The woman followed his plan.  She stepped onto the ice that melted off Gloob.  The woman was the god of rain.  She made rain with signs with her fists.  The man gave the bucket to her by tossing it.  The woman filled it up with water and tossed it at Zog.  The lava turned into obsidian and broke off.  The man stepped on the obsidian.  This went on and on until they both reached each other.

The next day, they were surprised!  All the chunks of Zog and Gloob crashed together and made a rock planet.  The man and woman had two children which were a boy and girl.  Over more than a million years, the rock planet made soil.  The soil grew and grew.  Over that time, it was raining on the rock planet.  Most of it became water.  There was a lot of rock left.  There was another planet next to the rock planet.  It was named Slang.  Soon, an asteroid hit Slang.  It was a massive explosion.  The huge explosion caused most of the rock planet to break.  This is how the continents were formed.    Soon there was the right amount of things for life.  One of these living things were called humans.  That’s what we all are.  We have improved in many ways such as: farming, building, smelting, and others.  Sometimes you can see the man, woman, and their children.  This is how the earth was made.

Photo credit: NASA