Wordless Wednesday: Their Favorite Spot


So Long, Posterous

Remember when I was having fun with Today’s Pencil, my other weird little website where I just stuck stuff that I thought was fun but not really worthy of a full on blog post?

Well, I do. And I was reminded of it today when I got a message that Posterous is shutting down…today.

It’s the Betacam to Tumblr’s VHS, apparently. Same idea, unsuccessful brand. Whatever. I hardly used it anyway, but still, I didn’t want to lose the fun little content I built over there.

So I made quick work of importing that site’s posts into this one, and so now I have 46 new/old posts that maybe not a lot of people have seen. It looks kind of funky, but here they are in their brand new category on this site: Today’s Pencil. Maybe the existence of a new category will prompt some creativity in my noggin.

Today’s Pencil features mostly photos with a kicky caption, like this one. But I also posted things I found interesting, like the origins of Mother’s Day, and a little poem-type thing I wrote.

If you happen to see this post today, on APRIL 3o, and you still have time to rescue your own Posterous material, you might try. It was pretty easy. I backed up Today’s Pencil following these instructions, and then I used the Posterous Importer plugin and tips from this handy video to import the posts into this site. Then I batch-recategorized all the posts under a new category – Today’s Pencil.


So, Today’s Pencil, everybody.


Little Tornadoes

This is what it looks like on the outside:


Mother and father and 2 children. A 4-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house in the suburbs. My husband has a great job and our kids go to a great school.

I take the children to school, getting a 2-mile walk in each morning. I spend the next four hours working as a freelance writer which entails a lot of emailing, getting more coffee or snacks, and folding of laundry while I think.

I pick up the children. I supervise them as they have a snack and do their homework. I cajole them into doing chores. I take them to karate/baseball/volleyball. I cook dinner.

We eat together as a family, in various combinations of 1-4 people sitting at the table at the same time.

We play and clean up the kitchen. We read stories, we turn out the light. I may work for a little while before turning out my own.

We sleep.

We rise and do it again. On the weekends we have baseball/volleyball/church/the beach/the pool/housework/yardwork or the occasional excursion. Sometimes we travel, or host guests in our home, or meet friends for dinner.

And that’s it. A simple, pleasant life.

This is what it looks like on the inside:


There are a million little tornadoes in here. You might see a generic mom-shape in yoga pants walking down the hill back to her house, but what I feel like on the inside is a person with countless ideas and not enough time to make them into realities. When I am choosing the right apples in the produce section, I am thinking about an endless list of other tasks I didn’t get to that day. As I arrive late to pick up the Kindergartener at his off-schedule dismissal time, I have also just realized that it’s almost May and time to reassess my professional goals for the month ahead.

I mentally kick myself. I add it to the endless list of things that make me worry, plan, produce, rethink, and regroup.

And yet. The children keep growing. Things keep happening, good and bad. As my physical therapist used to say, shit hits the fan no matter how much you worry about it.

Things will look the same on the outside, tornadoes or not. So why not just let them go?

[photo from tornado-facts.com]


This Is Why There Are So Many Mom Blogs

perfect parent brene brown quote

When you hear something that someone is doing differently, it may feel like a judgment against your own choices. But if you’re comfortable with your choices, and they are working for you, someone else’s different opinion doesn’t bother you at all. This is a huge pitfall for new mothers. Moms with multiple kids? We’re so tired we don’t care. But if you truly wonder whether you’re doing the right thing when it comes to parenting, or if you’ve tried a million things and nothing is working, it’s okay to ask for help. Haters are gonna hate, no matter what you do. But there’s enough helpful people – and mom bloggers – out there that there’s bound to be someone who throws you a lifeline. And someday, you can pay it forward to another mom who’s struggling to find an answer.

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