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Four Natural Perfume Choices From Pure Natural Diva

“We all want to smell good, right?”

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I rarely wear perfume or cologne. I’m more likely to spritz on a few pumps of body spray if I’m feeling particularly spry one morning after dressing to leave the house, or let’s face it, if I’m a little gamey and I don’t have time to shower, which is most of the time.

When I do wear cologne, you can bet it’s on a special occasion. I still have the bottle my sister gave to me as a gift on my wedding day, almost 11 years ago (anniversary this Saturday!) because I usually only wear that scent on special dates with my husband.

I always notice when a woman wears perfume, because later when I catch a whiff of that scent again, it makes me think of her. Or then there are the women who wear so much fragrance that just a few minutes in her company, or even a quick hug from her makes you smell like her all day. Sometimes too much scent can even give me a headache, which I learned is often caused by the alcohol in most perfumes and colognes.

So isn’t it lovely to know that someone has developed not one but four perfumes using natural botanical ingredients? They were developed specifically for people who want to smell good without having allergic reactions or risking reaction in people around them, and also for people who want to limit the amount of toxin they breathe and put on their skin.

My friend Tania Reuben of the Pure Natural Diva website did all this with exhaustive research and development. I was actually one of the test smellers (for lack of knowing what the formal name for that role is!) and to this day I lean toward a certain fragrance profile. Which one of the four fragrances do you think is my favorite?

  • Pure is sensually uplifting, like a sunny day in a mixed field of lemongrass and lavender. Notes include uplifting cassie, soothing chamomile, lemon, lime and an Egyptian neroli.
  • Natural is fresh and inviting: imagine a picnic in a rose-bordered citrus grove.  Notes include a hint of clary sage, exalting pink grapefruit, Moroccan rose, and soothing ylang ylang.
  • Diva is full of soul—sultry and mysterious.  Notes include natural musk derived from Ambrette, sinfully smooth New Caledonian Sandalwood, blended together in a lusciously robust vanilla.
  • Elixir wakens the senses, like a lingering morning with an ocean view.  Notes include aphrodisiacal vanilla, a hint of oakmoss, exquisite osmanthus, married with rejuvenating pink grapefruit and red mandarin.

A fragrance is meant for the kind of person who wears it. I consider myself no-nonsense, a lover of the outdoors, clean and fresh. Also, inviting. Natural has been my favorite of the four Pure Natural Diva scents before I even knew what it would eventually smell like! I love the way it’s clean fragrance lingers on my skin, and then I don’t even notice it, but I remember that it’s there and it gives me a little spring in my step.

I tested all four fragrances by wearing them out and about in the world, and sticking my wrists into the faces of the people who would tolerate my doing so and saying “SMELL THIS.” My unscientific research revealed that Diva is the scent that is the favorite of my friends, because they all loved the hint of vanilla. “It smells like food!” they would say, and try to lick my wrist. Not really.

My husband? Well, he’s not a great test subject, since he likes anything that doesn’t contain patchouli. I agree with him there, so we’re covered.

Pure Natural Diva Natural Perfume is sold online and at various locations around Los Angeles – it will be available at the upcoming Unique LA show and starting this summer at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles.

I received a complimentary sample set of the Pure Natural Diva fragrances to facilitate this feature, but actually, test smelling is hard work. Let’s call us even.


Songs That Stab Me in the Heart: “Sideways” by Citizen Cope

I keep burning it all down. I brush it off, the ashes you know, and stand up and walk away, never looking back. Except when I do.

I keep thinking in a moment that
Time will take them away
But these feelings won’t go away

Wordless Wednesday: Genetics

and the IPad

My dad reads a lot. He always has multiple books he’s reading at the same time and they are placed throughout his house, ready and waiting for him to pick them up again. He also reads at least two newspapers a day, and magazines, and material on his iPad and his computer.

My mom reads a lot too.

Between the two of them, they have amassed an impressive library, one that cannot be contained by “shelves” or “rooms.”



Guest Room

So, um, yeah. I do this a lot too.

I didn’t even realize until this moment that my living room makeover matches my dad’s library. In real life, his walls are greener, but in the picture above the color looks very similar to the backdrop of my own shelves.

Shout out to my mom, Barbara Tracy, for sending the photos of the overflowing book collection, and my dad in his natural habitat.