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When Your Move-a-Body Friend Is the Body

2010, Granada Hills, CA On the night of Lisa’s funeral, we gathered at her house, the other Notre Dame ’93 gals and I. Lisa, Lisa, Suzanne, and Julie (yes, there were three Lisa’s, once.) We drank her liquor. We told stories in her living room. And then we stayed the night. Suzanne and I slept […]

Songs That Stab Me in the Heart: “Heaven” by Beyonce

This video is exactly what it was like to be friends with Lisa. This song is exactly what it is like to miss her. And to miss my Grampa, and my Uncle Stephen, and my Gramma and Grampa Jim, and everyone I’ve lost. Thanks (or something like it) to Katie. I needed a good cry […]

The Price of Living is Dying

It has been two years today since Lisa’s death. At this time on that day everything was normal. I suppose it has returned to something like normal. It’s been two whole years now, after all. But at my college reunion we all sat at the Grotto at midnight, a special place at Notre Dame where […]

The Last Happy Time

Dancing. The kind of dancing in a nightclub or a bar, with a good DJ or an awesome band. You’re just a little bit drunk, and one of your favorite songs is playing. You get so into the moment that you close your eyes, you are the music, your body moving to it effortlessly. You […]