Songs That Stab Me in the Heart: “Storms” by Fleetwood Mac

There are songs that exist in your life, songs that you never really listen to. They just are, and you take them for granted.

I try to say goodbye, my friend
I’d like to leave you with something warm
But never have I been a blue calm sea
I have always been a storm

This song is 35 years old. And I am 42. And just tonight, I finally paid attention. I have always been a storm.

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Birthday Laura!


It’s my little sister’s birthday today. She is officially 30-something. This will forever be one of my all time favorite pictures.

Good Times

Our friends had a new baby on Friday. Their other son is exactly one day younger than Kyle. Brady said it’s about time we have a new baby.

Me: But who would change its diaper? And teach it how to eat? And give it baths?
Brady: (Makes a “duh” face) That’s for you and Dad!
Me: Oh no, we’ve done all that twice now with you and Kyle. We’re done.
Brady: You did that for us?
Me: Yes! We changed your diaper a million times. You used to poop in your pants and then sit in it until we changed your diaper and wiped your butt with wipes.
Brady: (Sigh.) Good times.

5 Tips To Help Introduce Your Kids To New Foods

brady baby sauce face text

Once upon a time my kids ate everything. They were babies. Clean slates. Everything I fed to them, they ate. Okay maybe that’s my nostalgia at work here, but I remember fondly Brady gleefully stealing broccoli off my plate when he finished his own. I remember Kyle mashing avocado into his chubby little face. And I found photographic evidence that Kyle once liked broccoli and mango, neither of which he will even taste now:

kyle eats broccoli

kyle eats mango

Sigh. Those days are long gone. But I haven’t given up. I do still put new foods out for the kids to try, and Brady has proven to be the more adventurous eater. I mean just look at his little face:

baby eats spaghetti

And he still eats spaghetti, with sauce. Sadly, Kyle won’t even eat sauce anymore.

With him, it’s more about rewards. Lately, my tactic is to beg or bargain: “PLEASE try this food that I made.” Or “if you try it, I’ll let you play 10 more minutes of video games…”

Here is Tip Number 19 from Team Kellogg’s:

(To see more Great Starts Tips visit

I agree with all of the tips Kellogg’s has provided, and I have actually tried them all with varying degrees of success – except for the Healthy Heroes tip and the new location. These two are going in my back pocket to whip out when we go to the shore and want them to eat fish, or when they are preparing for a sports event and might be motivated by the idea of performing well like a famous player.

So far though, my favorite tip is hiding food in other foods. Some of my easiest go-to’s are pureed butternut squash (hide in macaroni and cheese), pureed cauliflower (hide in homemade hamburgers and meatballs) and pureed pumpkin, which I don’t even have to hide, actually, because the kids like it in their pancakes.

Adding pumpkin puree to the pancakes was a daring move, though, because the other time I tried to sneak a healthy puree into pancakes, it was a disaster. That was when I experimented with beet puree. Despite its cheerful appearance, the batter turned into pancakes that nobody liked.

pink pancakes

(That story is called Massacre in the Kitchen. Enjoy.)


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