Toddler shoes: The price of toddler shoes is outrageous. I was determined not to pay $45 for ANOTHER pair of Stride Rite shoes, now that Kyle outgrew his in 2 months. So I got the next size up on Ebay for $20. Score! Not so fast…by the time they arrived, his feet had gotten even bigger. I’m not sure how that happened since he has suddenly stopped eating. I guess he’s in that zone now that the pediatrician warned me about. The one where he would lose his appetite and I shouldn’t worry about it. I’m not worrying about it, but damn, he’s still growing fast!

Oprah: The one where Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (and people thought our “joke” name of Geronimo was outrageous) appears to hype Shalom in the Home and the family displays how badly they are raising their children. There was a woman who said she’s a single mother with a four year old girl and she has purchased thousands of dollars worth of Barbies and American Girl dolls and accessories for her. Her question to Oprah was “can I spoil my child without raising a spoiled brat?” Well, I think the answer to that question is yes, BUT they ignored that question and focussed on why the woman felt the need to spoil her child. She said she’s a single working mom who doesn’t get to spend that much time with her kid so she feels guilty. Here’s MY question: why not SAVE the money you spent on all that plastic poorly biodegradable CRAP that your daughter doesn’t even play with and take a few days off work to spend with her? THAT’S what the kid really needs!

Our fourth anniversary was yesterday. We celebrated by having Stewart bring Kyle to my office and show him off, then we went next door to the world’s cheesiest diner for dinner. It was fine because Kyle is starting to show us that the Era of Being Able to Bring Him to Restaurants is at an end.

Alright now that I got all that off my chest I guess I can go create some art. HAHA.

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