“Sweetie! Thanks for that kiss!” This picture is on our refrigerator and Kyle points to it and smiles as if to say “Mommy, you used to be so thin!” Posted by Picasa

Here is my amazing dress in all its majesty. It was all about that see-through back. I found it in a little boutique called Priceless Bridals. I visited that dress about five times before I actually bought it, and when I did it was off-the-rack and 2 sizes too big so the alterations cost about 50% of the cost of the dress on top of all that! Posted by Picasa

I love this picture because you can see my shoes. I spent a ton of money on those shoes and searched for them high and low. I never wore them again, but they were beautiful shoes. (Don’t worry, I know it looks like I was running away from my wedding saying “tee hee, just kidding!” Stew caught up with me.) Posted by Picasa

This is my very favorite of all of our wedding pictures. Leslie used her LAST frame of film on a whim to snap this shot. It’s in our album, and it’s printed 11×14 waiting to be framed and displayed in our house. Posted by Picasa