Thursdays at the Beach – A Los Angeles Child’s Story

Kyle’s daddy is department chair this year at school. That means he has to work a regular schedule all year round. I know, boo hoo, but we had gotten used to Stewart’s class schedule that left him plenty of free time with mom and baby. This semester, it became necessary for Stewart to teach a Thursday night class until 10pm. The horror! Really…the horror. By the time Stewart gets home at 6pm every day, I am very much ready to exchange adult conversation, hugs, and the baby for a glass of wine.

In exchange for his Thursday night time, Stewart decided to take Thursday mornings off, and take his wife and child to the beach, his favorite place ever. Remember those surfboards you saw in an earlier episode? Yep, his. When we met, Stewart was surfing regularly. His hair was sunkissed, he was tan, and his muscles – let’s just say he was in really good shape. Helped me fall for him hook, line, and sinker. Anyway, the goal is to head out to the beach once a week to watch daddy surf and have breakfast. Since we don’t have surf racks on the new car yet (apparently this is MY job to make happen, given all my free time) we are just going out to the beach to get coffee and hang out.

Last week we had a great time. Kyle sat in the sand and explored. Eventually he found a nice bubbly piece of kelp and popped it into his mouth, wet sand and all. That little stunt ended our beach visit, but it was fun watching him take it all in. When he crawled in the sand he left a peculiar trail. Kind of like the one a drunk slug would leave. Here is a really bad picture I took with my cell phone.

Okay maybe not. Blogger’s not letting me attach a photo right now. Maybe I’ll add it later.

Today I remembered to bring my camera as we tried to uphold the new weekly tradition, but we got on the road too late. After an hour in traffic on the 101, we were still only in Woodland Hills. Kyle had already fallen back to sleep in his carseat, but I knew he would be hungry for breakfast soon. It was sad, but we decided to get off the freeway and spend our beach morning at Denny’s. With Kyle, even that was fun.

One in a series of cute pictures. Posted by Picasa

Kyle attacks Mommy’s camera! Note the sharpened bottom teeth, ready to strike. Posted by Picasa

I meant for this one to be a shot of Kyle looking thoughtfully out the window. It came out more like Kyle is looking at a stranger with candy saying “Yeah, I’ll come outside to play!” Posted by Picasa