Put It Out There…

It’s as if she read my blog the other day.

How To Feel Wanted

Post your name on the Park and Rec co-ed softball league free agent list. The season is starting up and the teams are desperate for female players. I’ve gotten four calls since Friday. They don’t even care if I suck!


I am continuing my research on child care possibilities for Kyle. As I do, I am gripped by a physical revulsion of the process. Why does it make me nauseous? Because of things like this and this. (The second article increases the feeling because it’s so poorly written.)

My Son, the Scholar

I’m pooped. This morning I awoke at 4:30 to join my friend Amy and ride our bikes on the route of the L.A. Marathon. We made it all 26 miles! With almost no training! Mama’s still got it.

I’m also coming down with the cold that Stewart has had for 9.5 days. Kyle started a runny nose last night, but it’s not slowing him down at all.

He’s bopping around the south wing, checking on me at the computer at regular intervals, in between destroying the contents of his room and destroying the contents of my office.

And every now and then he is quiet in his room, which is when I worry and get up to check on him, picturing the smearing of feces or the dismantling of tubes of ointment. Both times I went in to check on him, however, I found him reading. The first time it was “Hippos Go Berserk” and the second time it was “Baby Faces.”

He makes a girl proud.