Kim Tracy Prince is a writer specializing in non-fiction stories about the things that happen in her life in hopes that her experiences can help other people.

Or at least entertain them.

Kim spent 12 years in the Hollywood trenches, first as an underpaid production assistant, and then as a producer/director on a short list of celebrity and lifestyle reality shows on basic cable. She is very good at documenting what happens in real life with a camera, an edit bay, or word processing software.

In 2004 Kim became part of the first wave of parenting bloggers when she started House of Prince, a fresh outlook on pregnancy, new motherhood, and child-rearing. Kim's engaging perspective has been featured in several national online advertising campaigns. She has appeared in Expressing Motherhood and Listen To Your Mother, two live stage shows that showcase original stories about parenthood.

Now a freelance writer and mother of two, Kim frequently turns her family's adventures into copy (see her series, American Family Budget on She writes about money, travel, food, and memories, and publishes a website about her new chosen hometown northwest of Los Angeles. Her essays appear in Notre Dame Magazine and on Mamalode, The Broad Side, Babycenter, and more. She is working on a memoir about how parenting and housework drive her crazy.

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