Is There Love After Death? “Soul Sessions” by Carson Gage

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Have you ever met someone and been struck by an instant attraction? Not just physical attraction, but a curiosity about her, or an inexplicable need for more information about him? What about those chance meetings that result in lifelong companions or love connections?

Sometimes it does seem like you’re meant to be with another person, whether it be love or friendship. That’s a concept that Carson Gage explores in his novel Soul Sessions, a story of one man’s journey to identify what’s missing in his life.

Seemingly at the top of his game, mid-30’s Nick Dalton is struggling. He has a thriving career in the competitive world of investment banking, a beautiful girlfriend, and college pals who still call him to make road trips back to school for “the big game” (not a small gift in life, says this Notre Dame grad). But late at night Nick’s battle with depression has no noise to keep it quiet, and he considers suicide.

An unconventional therapist helps Nick get to the source of his depression, and then some. Over his weekly appointments she leads him into hypnotherapy and then through past-life regression. Nick  learns about the spiritual world and discovers that he’s had previous lives – and that there is one special soul he should be on the lookout for in this one.

Soul Sessions is a quick read – the Nick’s voice is similar to those of many guys I knew in college. Except…a little deeper, because he’s sharing his thoughts. Even though Notre Dame guys are especially expressive, I’ve never been able to read their minds. (I’m going to guess that that’s a good thing.) There is a wealth of information about hypnotherapy and past life regression, and if you believe that there are soulmates for every person, this book explores that concept in depth.

But it’s Nick’s story that drives the book forward, and I got comfy one afternoon as I was coming down with a cold – and therefore had an excuse to “take the day off” from being chief cook, chauffeur, and laundry maid for my family – and snuggled up in my “reading quilt” to read most of it as the sun made its way down to the horizon. By the time it glowed above the mountains to the west, I had finished Soul Sessions.

What struck me most about the story were the instances of missed connections – how Nick realized he had almost encountered his soul mate more than once over the years. We all hope we wind up with the right person, and we make appropriate choices (or we don’t) and life is what it is. Or we have the power to change it. Our attitude makes all the difference.

The same with friends. Some of my favorite people in the world are ones I’ve met through the internet since I started blogging. It seemed like an accident at first, but you realize you have so much in common, it must be fate. Right?

Is this Heaven? No, it’s California.

Soul Sessions is available on Amazon – a simple experience to click and purchase, and the book shows up at your door within days. You can even preview the book by reading a few pages online before you buy. Check out more information on the book and its author, Carson Gage, and how he was inspired to write this story because of his own near-miss with death, at the book’s website.

Soul Sessions
Paperback, $11.56 on Amazon

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Heaven is California.
And you are someone I am certain I was destined to meet.
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Wait Julie, when Kim was talking about favorite people she met on the internet, I’m pretty sure she meant me. 🙂

Looks like I have another book to add to my list for this year. (Click!)
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