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Flashback Friday: Uncle Fireman Kevin

It’s my little brother’s birthday today, so this post is about him! From chubby baby boy to skinny kid to…Uncle Fireman Kevin. That one time a lion peed in my lap. Kevin’s all, “yeah yeah I’m petting it…” Brady looks just like him! 1987 1998 2002 2005 2008 And then…I just… This post just became […]

10 Reasons Why We Love You So Much

1. You are as sweet as cake 2. You make us happy 3. You tuck us in at bedtime 4. We think you think you love us all the time 5. No bad thing ever stops you 6. You are prtty 7. I like your smiyle 8. You are so swet 9. You are very […]

Little Victories

Several months ago, my friend E. and I spent a few days calling each other to report how many times we cursed in front of our children. “I made it all the way to 10:30 AM before I let out a goddammit,” I’d report, a little proudly. It was a measure of how nuts we […]

Christmas Card 2013: …and this one was JUST right!

When my parents were visiting, we all headed up to a picturesque hilltop so they could help take our family Christmas card picture. It was a very short uphill hike, but the kids started complaining about three steps into it. We did manage to capture one good image for the card, but as usual, the […]