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Gorgeous Day Stuck in the House

Anyone who read this post probably chuckled and thought “Wow she totally just jinxed herself.” Well, if that was you, you were right. I started feeling sickly last week on Saturday evening. Stewart had been sick – he still is but he stoically pushes through it, just doing his thing, clearing his throat and moaning [...]

Wordless Wednesday: Ornamental

Once upon a time I was a sentimental new mom and I made special trips to the Hallmark store to buy “Baby’s First Christmas.” They’re still my favorite.

Thanks For the Giving

I never felt more like the matriarch of my little family than yesterday, Thanksgiving Day. I spent most of the day cooking or doing laundry, and by the time we sat down to eat, all the dishes were delicious and still warm, and everyone was dressed up for the occasion, even though we didn’t go [...]

Wordless Wednesday: Wii Family

Props to the co-owner of Frost It Cupcakery in Thousand Oaks CA, who delivered these to my house personally. Swoon.