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Wordless Wednesday: Halloween

The only one of these that has a name is Stewart’s and his is Pirate Willy. The kids made up costumes from our dress up bin. I like that because it’s free! Mine is similarly made up!

Conversation With a Quilter’s Grandson

Brady:  Mom, look, a pumpkin on our door! Me:  I know, I put it there. Do you know who made it? Brady:  Gramma! Me:  Right! Brady:  It’s like a little blanket, right? Like the one with all the shapes and colors, like purple, and blue? Me:  The one she made for me this summer? Yes, [...]

Songs That Stab Me in the Heart: “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys

At my wedding, I danced with my father to this song – the studio version, of course, but this is a fantastic live performance. This is a picture from the night before the wedding, when I put on my dress and we did a dry run of the dance so that we wouldn’t cry when [...]

It’s a Good Thing I Rarely Wear Lipstick

…although if I was to take a page from a good 1950′s housewife, I would wear lipstick more often. This infographic was brought to you by CashNetUSA. But this is not an endorsement of their service. I mean, come on. I just started Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. But I thank CashNetUSA for the cool [...]