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Tax Time – Bloggers Must Report Some Free Stuff As Income

So, it’s tax time again, and I had my annual update conversation with our tax guy this morning. Because I am a professional freelance blogger, I took his advice years ago and applied for a city tax license which is required by the city of Los Angeles for self-employed people. It only costs a percentage [...]

The Big Story about Home Staging

After: Over on my column at Roost’s Bird’s Eye View blog I tell the story of how my friend Karen, who is a home stager, helped me ready our house for showing to prospective buyers. Karen’s work is fascinating, and it suits her more perfectly than I’ve ever seen a profession suit a person. If [...]

Wednesday Round-Up

I haven’t had much time to blog lately, not even in all the other places that carry my writing. The days go like this: wake up early, make coffee, check the MLS (multiple listing service) for new houses on the market, hectic morning routine. Work. Come home from work, hectic evening routine, get kids to [...]

There’s No Place Like Your First Home

With far less fanfare than I had expected, we signed the documents that officially put our home up for sale. A few times during our meeting with the Realtor, I caught Stewart’s eye with a meaningful stare. Well, it was more like a glare. A glare that said “Aren’t you feeling as emotional about this [...]