Christmas Photo Album 2009

This Christmas was relatively quiet. I had Christmas Eve off for the first time in a while, and Kyle had a half day of school, so I was able to keep the house tidy and host my friend S. and her child for afternoon tea and presents. Grandma Bettie was visiting us, and although … [Read more...]

I’ll Pout If I Want To

I love Christmas. I've always loved Christmas, even the years - the many years in a row - when I was little that I ate too much at my grandmother's Christmas Eve party and threw up. I loved popcorn balls and Lifesaver books and visiting Santa and waking up Christmas morning to … [Read more...]

Digital Christmas Card

This year there are no outtakes for the Prince Family's Christmas Card Photo Shoot, because there was no photo shoot. I was lazy. Someone took a picture of us at Pismo Beach back in July that I really liked, so I just used that. Behold:I know the kids are squinting, but it's … [Read more...]

Too Too Chain

With everything else that goes on in my life, I have been lax in chronicling the milestones of Brady's young life. Lately he's been astounding us with his rapid mental development, so I'd like to take a moment to describe the whirling dervish that is my younger child.Brady is … [Read more...]