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There’s No Place Like Your First Home

With far less fanfare than I had expected, we signed the documents that officially put our home up for sale. A few times during our meeting with the Realtor, I caught Stewart’s eye with a meaningful stare. Well, it was more like a glare. A glare that said “Aren’t you feeling as emotional about this [...]

In Your Heart

Brad Pitt once said “Life is about getting from one perfect moment to another.” Think about the last perfect moment you had – that you noticed. They’re different for each of us, and indeed each of us has a variety of different kinds of perfect moments. As I type this, I am experiencing one – [...]

Please Excuse Our Disarray

We are open for business during reconstruction. The comments system is being adjusted daily until everything works. You may notice that recent comments have disappeared but old comments are back in a new format called Echo. I hope you will continue to give me some feedback about it as I adjust to the new settings. [...]

I Hate You

I thought I would have to face it one day, perhaps in his teens – my child saying to me “I hate you” because of some horrible parental malfeasance. But no, far too soon, at age 4 and 3/4, last night he said “I don’t like you, Mom” because I made him stop playing Lego [...]