Blogher ’09 Day 1

Highlights:-I should have slept more last night. Didn't though, because of Blogger Prom-21 of us were on the same flight from Los Angeles to Chicago. We called it the Party Plane and Southwest gave us free drinks, and had three of our members pass out the snacks.-Those 21 … [Read more...]

Summer Blogging Center

A few months ago I told a fellow blogger about a project I was doing and she was all "You should review that on Car and Caboodle" and I was all "Sure!" but I really didn't know what she was talking about. It's that thing that I do in which I act like I know, but I really don't … [Read more...]

Give Cheeks a Chance

A preview: I am now officially working with Help a Mother Out, slowly but surely creating a Los Angeles area presence. Why? Because their simple model - point, click, help - makes it easy for you to make a difference in a baby's life from the comfort of your desk chair.We're … [Read more...]