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Birthday Cake For Dinner, Part 2

As many of you now know, we spent my birthday at Disneyland, which turned out to be an awesome day, for the following reasons: -It was the kids’ first time there, and we enjoyed watching their reactions to everything-I got a birthday button, so lots of people wished me “happy birthday” throughout the day-They have [...]

A Little Period Drama

They have so much to say to each other, but so much is in between. What would you do if your true love was lost when you were very young? Would you walk the heath for years, never marrying? Would you move on? Would you know that your entire life would be lived without you [...]

Oh No, He Won’t Be Forgetting This Year*

She (weeping): …and I’m gonna be FORTY! (sobs) He: When? (beat) She: Someday! — I loved that movie. I’ve often quoted the scene above. When Harry Met Sally is a romantic comedy, but now that forty is so close, it feels like a horror film. However. As I get older my peers are also getting [...]

Annual Identity Crisis, Aloha Style

It’s been almost a year since my epic four-day trip to London (see sidebar for Epic London Posts) and I completely skipped over the fact that the five year anniversary of this blog came and went on September 14. Here I am on a solo trip again, a similarly epic four-day trip to Oahu. I [...]