I Love Swag

As most of you know, I can be bought. For a car seat, a trip to SeaWorld, or a new labeler, I will blog my little fingers off. At the Los Angeles Moms Blog Launch Party last month, I got the most overwhelming bag of free goodies I've ever seen, so much so that I still haven't … [Read more...]

15 Seconds of Fame

Thanks, Cosmopolitan and Go Fug Yourself for teaching me how to correctly pose on the red carpet. Once again, not sure what's going on with my hair. Ignore that part. But look at my shoes! Aren't they just so awesome?!Links to the LA Moms Blog official recaps coming soon. … [Read more...]

Triple Dog Dare

So, there's this cool site called Alltop, and it's supposed to be a collection of all the best/coolest/most read sites about different topics, and there's a moms' blog site, and all the usual suspects are there, and if you go there and scroll all the way to the very bottom you … [Read more...]