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So Far So Good

Quick update: my cubicle is green, not gray. The people there seem pretty cool. There is a coffee maker and even some snacks. If I turn around and crane my neck I can see out the window to the sky. I like my boss, she has pretty hair. And there is the requisite Funny Guy [...]

Adventures in Story Editing

This is the future of my Monday through Friday starting today, through the next few months. Today begins my new job in reality television. I have an awesome First Day of School outfit to wear (but I am waiting to get dressed until the last possible moment to prevent getting banana shmear or other kid-based [...]

It’s My Potty

People who know me in person know that I can swear like a truck driver. Like a filthy, potty-mouthed truck driver. It’s true. Sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than letting loose a string of colorful language that would make (the dearly departed) George Carlin blush. I’m working on it, especially on the part that I [...]

Brooke Burke Can’t Eat Just One

Last week I attended a fancy red carpet event. I thought these things were over for a while and I was glad because I had run out of appropriate outfits. But I was wrong. They keep popping up, thanks to my association with LA Moms Blog (where today I have a story up about how [...]