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Wardrobe Crisis

My first week of full time work is over, and the next looms before me just over 12 hours. I am adjusting to the lack of time at home. Like I said below, so far so good. Here’s the thing, though. I wore all of my “good” outfits last week. How do I follow up [...]

There Once Was Link in Los Angeles

Longer than a tweet, but shorter than a blog post. Very cool site. Reminds me also of Post Secret. This is an original post from www.kimtracyprince.com. Please don’t steal it.

The Phone Is Dead! Long Live the Phone!

I’ve been complaining about my Palm Treo for about 875 weeks now. If you were to call me on it, you would only get my actual real-time human voice about 25% of the time. And if you left a voice mail message, I might get it the next day or not at all. Its Palm [...]

So Far So Good

Quick update: my cubicle is green, not gray. The people there seem pretty cool. There is a coffee maker and even some snacks. If I turn around and crane my neck I can see out the window to the sky. I like my boss, she has pretty hair. And there is the requisite Funny Guy [...]