Some pictures from the week surrounding Thanksgiving. Not many because of the events that took place immediately thereafter.Kyle participated in a study about preschoolers' television watching patterns. There was no box for "watches TV all the time" on the paper survey, so they … [Read more...]

Bad Luck Wall-E

From Monday, December 1:As I write this, my mother is vomiting in the guest bathroom.This remarkable event caps the last 48 hours of sick bay status at the House of Prince. What was meant to be a frolicking sunny weekend turned into a cacophony of trips to the bathroom, washing … [Read more...]

I Love Swag

As most of you know, I can be bought. For a car seat, a trip to SeaWorld, or a new labeler, I will blog my little fingers off. At the Los Angeles Moms Blog Launch Party last month, I got the most overwhelming bag of free goodies I've ever seen, so much so that I still haven't … [Read more...]