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I Am a Writer

I race to the computer. But first I furiously open a bottle of wine. But first I tear off my skinny jeans and thrust my legs into a pair of worn out, fraying “sweatshirt” shorts, the ones with a drawstring. But first I pee. I race to the computer to say this: that I am [...]

The Last Happy Time

Dancing. The kind of dancing in a nightclub or a bar, with a good DJ or an awesome band. You’re just a little bit drunk, and one of your favorite songs is playing. You get so into the moment that you close your eyes, you are the music, your body moving to it effortlessly. You [...]

The Crow

The crow tapped on my window twice. Like bursts of tiny, quiet gunfire. The first time, I was sleeping. I sat upright in bed, sweating. The crow was in my dream. It was Lisa, talking to me through the window. Lisa was the crow. “You’re a crow?” I asked. “Looks like it,” she answered, and [...]

Songs That Stab Me in the Heart: “Turpentine” by Brandi Carlile

Don’t move away from home Don’t be friends with people who will die Don’t drive through the quiet country town/scene of a massacre Don’t come out from under that rock Or you will always feel like this These days we go to waste like wine That’s turned to turpentine It’s six AM and I’m all [...]