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Wordless Wednesday: Melancholy

These photos show bits from a wall of notecards at the New Roads secondary school in Santa Monica. It’s like a real life Post Secret, all about bullying and being bullied. An InLinkz Link-up

When Your Move-a-Body Friend Is the Body

2010, Granada Hills, CA On the night of Lisa’s funeral, we gathered at her house, the other Notre Dame ’93 gals and I. Lisa, Lisa, Suzanne, and Julie (yes, there were three Lisa’s, once.) We drank her liquor. We told stories in her living room. And then we stayed the night. Suzanne and I slept […]

The Price of Living is Dying

It has been two years today since Lisa’s death. At this time on that day everything was normal. I suppose it has returned to something like normal. It’s been two whole years now, after all. But at my college reunion we all sat at the Grotto at midnight, a special place at Notre Dame where […]

Lost in “Lost In Living”

Sometimes art is painful. But sometimes it’s worth it. “Lost In Living,” a documentary about motherhood and artistry, is worth it. I know that I have to ration my voluntary exposure to such pain. There are books that I stop and start, TV shows I simply cannot watch, writing topics that I know I have […]