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Your KidVid: Kyle@8

UPDATE: I’ve added a 20% coupon code and a giveaway – read to the end. Yesterday’s post was just a tease for THIS: This video was edited by YourKidVid, a new service that takes your video clips and edits them together into a great little WATCHABLE package. If you’re anything like me, you have countless [...]

Wordless Wednesday: Holiday Song

OK I know this is cheating. But spoken words aren’t written words, right?

Quick and Easy – My Kind of Holiday

Every holiday season, people look for ways to put a personal stamp on gift-giving or gestures of kindness or even to adopt traditions that make the holidays feel like their own. I have developed a few things that I do with the kids for Christmas. We drive around town looking at holiday lights while drinking [...]

Forecast For September 27: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (2)

Six months after the citizens of Swallow Falls vacated their island to allow a clean-up team to remove the giant food and redistribute it throughout the world to famine-ravaged nations, Flint Lockwood and his band of friends (and Steve! the monkey) return to find that the food is still there…and it’s alive. There are walking, [...]