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“Friends” Reunion Skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live

There is so much here to love. My favorite is Kimmel’s imitation of David Schwimmer’s Ross. Or maybe the laugh track. Hey, if Huffington Post and Vanity Fair and every other ginormous website can post this, why can’t I? I LOVED FRIENDS.

Your KidVid: Kyle@8

UPDATE: I’ve added a 20% coupon code and a giveaway – read to the end. Yesterday’s post was just a tease for THIS: This video was edited by YourKidVid, a new service that takes your video clips and edits them together into a great little WATCHABLE package. If you’re anything like me, you have countless […]

Wordless Wednesday: Holiday Song

OK I know this is cheating. But spoken words aren’t written words, right?

Quick and Easy – My Kind of Holiday

Every holiday season, people look for ways to put a personal stamp on gift-giving or gestures of kindness or even to adopt traditions that make the holidays feel like their own. I have developed a few things that I do with the kids for Christmas. We drive around town looking at holiday lights while drinking […]