It’s a Fabulous Twitter Chat – It’s #FabChat!

#FabChat Launch Lunch

The fab tweeters: Romy Schorr of Romy Raves, Me, Sarah Auerswald and Yvonne Condes of MomsLA.

Late last year, a group of OG bloggers and I got to talking. (OG stands for “original gangsta,” and while I’m not one to throw “thug” talk around because I totally can’t pull it off like this guy – or gal, whoever it is – I do like the easy connotation. OG: veteran, seen it all, get off my lawn.) We were missing the way Twitter used to be way back in the last decade. We wanted to start a regular Twitter event during which people could come hang out and chat with us the way we loved to do it back when Twitter was fun, before it was co-opted by sports personalities, TV shows, and tweens.

Because 3 out of the 4 of us are fashionable, up on current trends, and jet-setters around Los Angeles, we decided to call it FabChat! It must have the exclamation points, you see, because in our minds, you simply cannot have too many.

(And for what it’s worth, I am the one who doesn’t consider myself fashionable. Oh sure, I can get dolled up and seem fabulous, at least in my own mind, but where my true power lies is in words, in a snappy response, in paying attention to the wacky tangents people go follow during an hour long Twitter event.)

To see what I’m talking about for yourself, pop onto to Twitter on Wednesdays between 9am and 10am Pacific Time. Every week. Enter “#fabchat” in the search box, and you will see the stream of our tweets. We ask questions and we respond, we complain, we drool, we swoon (because quite often someone tweets a photo of a shirtless guy or some chocolate or the latest trend in skorts).

It’s what Twitter should be like, right? Come see for yourself. Mark your calendar, or better yet, leave a comment here with your Twitter handle and I will give you a shout out to remind you to join us on Wednesday morning.


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