Old Year Resolutions

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There’s one month left in the year. I have two rather nerdy resolutions for the remainder of 2013.

1. Geocaching: get to 300 caches found.

I started geocaching on January 5 as an activity to do with my kids (and to keep up with my weekday hiking pal Debbie, who is a geocaching master – I sometimes refer to myself as her Padawan) but I quickly caught the bug and I love to do it alone or with adults, too. I have found caches in 7 different different states! I have probably introduced the hobby to dozens of people over this year. Most look at me like I’m crazy (or at least super nerdy) but some get excited about it and want to try it too.

I have found and logged 270 caches as of the end of November. Might as well try for an even 300 by December 31!

2. Blogging: wipe the slate clean, literally, of review posts

Given my need to make some more $$$ to close the gap in our family’s budget, I’ve been writing for dollars more and for the love less. My least favorite task is to write about something I got for free. It’s nice to get things for free because their makers want me to broadcast my good opinion of their products, but as I’ve been saying in my latest disclaimers, you can’t pay the bills with nail polish/cute dresses/insert product here. I want to write for either love or money (or in the best case, both) but no longer for free product. It’s just not worth the time.

That’s not to say that the products and services I accepted in exchange for posts about them are not worth investigating in general. I have some wonderful things left on my white board, from a sob-inducing novel to a handy Velcro ice pack, from profound, life-changing “health coaching” to a tasty alternative to fried French fries. I plan to knock out those posts by December 31 to close out the PR campaigns and wipe my slate clean, leaving room for assignments that have dollar signs next to them, or white space to inspire my imagination.

With the holidays coming and the kids off of school and the other billion things going on, I don’t know if I can hit these two goals, but it would be so lovely if I could! Do you have anything you want to wrap up by the end of this year?


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