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Every Little Bottom

Hockey, Everybody.

When I first moved to Los Angeles my roommate and sister-friend, Auntie Lisa, brought me to a Kings hockey game wherever it was they played back then.  It wasn’t the ginormous Staples Center, because that didn’t exist.  I remember only: -how violent the players were toward each other -that it was very loud -being very […]

Hockey For Huggies

Hockey for Huggies Huggies & the National Hockey League (NHL) are proud to announce “Hockey for Huggies,” a partnership to help collect diapers and monetary donations in support of Every Little Bottom. All 30 teams in the NHL are participating in this effort to help get diapers to families and babies in need. Throughout the […]

Felled By the Plight of the World’s Children

This was an original post for LA Moms Blog on December 15, 2008.   SV Moms Group was acquired by Technorati so I post my archives here on Fridays. Enough, people. I can’t take one more story about atrocities committed to children.  Not one more. My friend’s therapist told her that humans are programmed to be […]

I Have This Friend…Jenny on the Spot

So, I have this friend.  I met her when we both joined the Huggies Every Little Bottom blog ambassador team.  She’s super cute, impossibly perky, and is all over the blogosphere.  A hardworking woman.  She signs her emails “Peace and sparkles, Jenny.” On  one of her adventures, she went to eBay and learned about one […]