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A Sweaty Baby Is An Unhappy Baby. So Is a Cold One.

I haven’t put a small baby to bed in a long time, not since Brady was enormous seemingly moments after birth. However, when he and Kyle were infants and the nights were chilly, I never used blankets to keep them warmer. Instead I reached for the sleep sacks that were given to me as shower [...]

It’s Not Too Late To "Whip It"

Sometimes, when you’re mired in the humdrum day-blending life of a suburban working mother, it helps to watch a bunch of bad-ass chicks beating the crap out of each other while traveling at high speeds around a rink wearing miniskirts. While the story of Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut, “Whip It,” turns out to be predictable, [...]

Elfing Around Winner

The winner of the Elfing Around Giveaway has been chosen at random (see proof! below!) and it’s Rebecca L. Congratulations, and thanks to all of you for entering the contest. Merry Christmas!You may notice that there were 39 comments and I only entered 38. That’s because my mother is disqualified!

Mabel’s Labels Cyber Monday Madness

A while back I agreed to review and give away a set of Mabel’s Labels. I mean, they gave me free panties at BlogHer. It was the least I could do. But I totally flaked like the flakey flake I turned into this year, a thing that I am desperately trying to improve. Mostly I [...]