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Swag of the Day

Swag of the Day: Steaz Healthy Beverages

There is a brand of beverage that makes it safe to drink soda again. I’ve had a lifelong relationship with soda. My current lover is Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi. I started out young with Pepsi itself, but that is way too much sugar for my adult palate. I absolutely forbid my children from drinking soda […]

Swag of the Day: Hypershine Lip Gloss by E.L.F. Cosmetics

In the fall I went to a party hosted by Mom TV and Kadi Prescott. Elf Cosmetics were spread out all over the table and I hip-checked my way into the first makeup session by artist Kayla J. Caudill. Photo by William Marc Salsberry I scooped up an armful of e.l.f. cosmetics that night for […]

Swag of the Day: Skechers Shape-Ups

I don’t think I’ve ever worn shoes that required an instructional DVD. I got these bizarre convex-soled snakers last month at the SV Moms Group Brand/Blogger mixer party at the Ritz. This morning as I was putting the stuff away, I decided to pop them on my feet. Also, I’ve seen Caryn of Rockin Mama […]

A Sweaty Baby Is An Unhappy Baby. So Is a Cold One.

I haven’t put a small baby to bed in a long time, not since Brady was enormous seemingly moments after birth. However, when he and Kyle were infants and the nights were chilly, I never used blankets to keep them warmer. Instead I reached for the sleep sacks that were given to me as shower […]