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Yesterday I learned that the word tresoro means “treasure” in Spanish. I immediately thought of this photo:


The red checkered seal and the yellow horse were made when I was in grammar school, just for me, by my friend’s mom. Liz Chatfield was incredibly colorful and creative (I’m sure she still is!) and their house was a wonder to me at that young age, full of adventure. She had a store at one time called Serendipity. I remember not knowing what that word meant, and looking it up so I would know.

Like many of us, I went through my stuffed animal phase, when my bed was covered with them. Eventually I got rid of them all…or so I thought. These two showed up in a box in the mail a few weeks ago, along with a note from my mother saying she found them in a closet she was cleaning.

I gave the seal and horse the place of honor on my current bed. The seal has since received a different, somewhat dubious honor: when the cat tries to wake us up early in the morning, I search around for something to throw in her direction, and this seal is perfect size and weight to scare her without hurting her.

Thank you for the lifelong treasures, Liz. And Mom.


That’s so sweet!! ❤️


I need something like that to throw at my dog.(Of course he’d just fetch it and I’d have to throw it again. And again. And again. Forever.)
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