Mother’s Day Brought To You By…

This was an original post for Los Angeles Moms Blog on May 12, 2009.  SV Moms Blog was acquired by Technorati, so I post my archives here on Fridays.

 This morning I woke up early, before the children did.  What a wonderful surprise!  I celebrated by taking a shower in peace.  I washed my hair with Pantene products and used Target’s Method body wash to scrub my skin.  I shaved my legs with a Quattro razor and toweled off and applied Avon shimmer lotion to my skin.

My husband and children made me breakfast – I love my Kirkland brand coffee so much I had two cups with Coffeemate Hazelnut creamer to sweeten the deal.  The children made me a card:  it was a drawing of the solar system with a note and carefully scrawled signatures on Crayola brand construction paper.  Its crude beauty is something I will always treasure, more precious to me than the most expensive art print in our home, all of which we get framed at Aaron Brothers.

It was a normal Sunday around our house.  I did several loads of laundry – I only use Kirkland’s allergen-free detergent – and wrote some blog posts on my Dell laptop.  I played with the children on their Slip ‘n Slide, gave them Otter Pops as a snack (don’t judge me, Jessica) and sat with them as we all ate Pennsylvania Dutch egg noodles for lunch.  (They only eat white food, it’s a racist food phase.)  To my surprise, my husband announced that he and the boys’ grandfather were taking the kids to the beach so I could have some alone time!

Is it wrong that I was delighted?  Of all the things I could have wanted for Mother’s Day, a break from the insane pace of life dictated by two boys under 5 was at the top of my list.  I was able to spend several uninterrupted hours in my own home, padding around in my Hanes socks, reading my book (Netherland by Joseph O’Neill), and not ever changing out of my comfortable Old Navy lounge pants.  I helped myself to a cosmopolitan made with Skyy vodka and Ocean Spray cranberry juice.  Tasty!  I watched an episode of Oprah and used my AT&T phone service to have a long conversation with a faraway friend.

When the gaggle of men and boys piled back into the house with sand in their shoes and hair matted to their heads, I swept the boys off to their bath.  I washed them with Johnson & Johnson Oatmeal Body Wash and Baby Shampoo, brushed their teeth with Colgate children’s toothpaste, and dressed them in their Carter’s pajamas, sang them their lullabyes, and rubbed their backs until they were sleepy enough to let me go.

I read about moms who were taken out to brunch or given gifts of deliveries from 1-800-Flowers or went to Magic Mountain for the day.  For a short moment I thought maybe it would have been better to have gone to the beach with the kids.  After all, it’s memories like those that stick and I could have taken pictures with my Canon Rebel XT.  But I know that the rejuvenation I got from those rare hours alone made my lullaby voice sweeter, my back-rubbing hand more comforting, my kiss on the cheek more tender.  A break was what I needed to power me through the next interminable stretch of constant chaos.  Thank God for Diet Pepsi.

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