My New Year’s Resolutions For Other People

I’m giving up New Year’s Resolutions.  One can be on one’s best behavior for 10 months and then the world crashes in on you anyway.  Who’s to say?  I’m just going to  do my best, period.

Other people, however, need to get with the program.  What program?  This one:

1.  Stop being such an asshole.

2.  Stand up for what’s right.

3.  Quit your whining.

4.  Pay invoices on time.

5.  Follow the parking rules at your school.

6.  Think twice before posting that stupid post on Facebook.

7.  Vote.

8.  Smile at children when they smile at you.

9.  Slow down.

10.  Pay attention.

11.  When your kid asks you to take a break to play with him, do it.

12.  Call your beloveds on their birthdays.

13.  Answer thoughtful letters or messages or phone calls.  It’s truly the least you can do.

14.  That thing that’s hanging over your head, preventing you from doing?  Let it go.

15.  Take a walk at least once a week with no electronic devices.

16.  Back up your computer.

17.  Line up a good babysitter that you can call in a pinch.

18.  Plan your dinners for the week.

19.  If you read a great blog post, comment on the blog, not on Facebook.

20.  Stretch.

These are obviously not for you, reader of this blog.  These are, as the title dictates, for other people.  Pass it on.


  1. Tina says

    Great list, Kim. In particular, I like #11; and #5 I’d like to amend to “Follow the drop-off rules at your school”.

  2. says

    I would add, ‘Stop for people in the crosswalk’ and ‘Dont step in front of me in line at Starbucks and pretend like you didn’t see me.’
    I can’t get behind you on taking a walk with no electronic devices. It’s my only time to listen to music.
    Great list!

  3. says

    I don’t go in for New Year’s Resolutions generally, but there are a few things on your list I definitely could work on. Does that make me “other people”?

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