Songs That Stab Me in the Heart: “On My Own” From Les Misérables

I am the only person on Earth who hasn’t seen the recent film version of Les Misérables, but that only means that the Hollywood-ized version hasn’t interested me. After the Golden Globes my curiosity was piqued but only just. Who am I kidding? I never get to go to the movies. By the time I get a chance, it won’t be in theaters anymore, and besides, I still haven’t seen The Hobbit.

I will admit that I have never seen the stage version of the play, either. Once upon a time I had an audio cassette compilation of songs from popular musicals, and “On My Own” was on it, and that is how I know the song. I listened to it often in the mid-90’s, when everything was drama and heartbreak, and the song entered my heart and stayed forever.

I like this YouTube clip much better than the one from the movie. Perhaps you will too. The eponymous section begins at 1:41.


  1. says

    Excellent and appropriate use of the word “eponymous.” My favorite version is Samantha Barks live one, but at least she’s in the film, which I was disappointed in. I did quite like The Hobbit.

  2. MomHOP says

    You REALLY need to see the movie! At least to put all the music in context. I recall listening to the Broadway score (that’s hiding in my quilt studio) with no knowledge of the story, just that someone dies. It was good to finally put it all together.

    Go while the kids are in school!

  3. says

    I am person #2 who hasn’t. After a family member told me that it wasn’t a note worthy production, I decided to hold off. I worked backstage on a production of Les Mis and seen several off Broadway renditions. It’s a musical and when done right the pathos, sacrifice and cruelty is tearfully conveyed. I still wring my hands and cry at every performance – go see a well done stage performance of Les Miserables

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