A Foul-Mouthed Antidote To Domestic Ennui

The last week or so was filled with chores and work and getting ready for a weekend away that focused on creative dreams and bonding with my lady friends inside the computer. It’s been hot, so very hot, here in Southern California. I’ve been kind of dragging myself through the daily tasks and collapsing into bed at night. As usual.

But, lucky me, I’ve had a friend to turn to. The Cursing Mommy.

In the audiobook version of Ian Frazier’s novel which is constructed as the daily journal of a swearing, drinking, mom, Cynthia Nixon (the one and only Miranda from Sex and the City) reads the words of the title character and sounds like a hilarious, oblivious version of myself. Except without all the damning of Republican public figures.

Here is an excerpt, which was included in the press release. I had opened the press release email because of the title, which of course caught my eye because, well, because I’m me.

I laughed out loud and happily accepted to review the audiobook. I give it two earbuds up. In fact, I recommend this for when you’re folding clothes, grocery shopping, and especially when you are cooking a dish that requires polenta and various sauteed vegetables. Earbuds are important here because as noted in the title, there is much cursing, and this is not something that you should listen to with children around. Or husbands who are offended by too much cursing and damning of Republican public figures.

The Cursing Mommy’s Book of Days is out today in paper and on audio. Apparently there was a New Yorker column that preceded the book, and I would have known that if I hadn’t given up on the part of my brain that enjoys the New Yorker and let my subscription lapse years ago. Now I know what to put on my Christmas list.

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  1. Amy Whitley says:

    Love it! Thanks for the heads up…off to check out the audio book! (Sincerely, a fellow cursing mommy.)

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