Mad About Mad Gab’s Moose Lip Shimmer

Mad Gab's Moose Lip Shimmer
Kiss my moose

I am sucker for lip gloss and lip balm.  Lipstick – meh, I could go either way, but wave a tasty, shiny lip gloss or a soothing lip balm in front of me and I’ll bite.

I agreed to review products by Mad Gab because they are natural, cute, and they have lip balm. But guess what – they have lip balm that looks like lip gloss!  Swoon!

They actually sent me a bunch of different balms and salves to try, and I tried them all.  I love the little gift sets they put together, too.  But really, the best product in my opinion is Moose Lip Shimmer which comes in Rose, Plum, and Pink.  It smells and sort of tastes like a natural product, it soothes your dry lips, and it looks pretty.  And it’s only $5.00!

I’m getting to the point where I have to put a different lip product in every purse so that I don’t use one variety all the time.  After all, the lesser used ones will get jealous, and nobody wants a jealous lip gloss.  Mad Gab’s Moose Lip Shimmer in Plum lives in my cosmetics bag that I use every day…for now.


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    Thanks for this great post! I put it on my Facebook Fan page today. I really appreciate your kind words and support. I’m a huge shimmer fan myself, and I know I’m not alone :)

    Thanks again, I’m glad you enjoyed your goodies.


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