Baby Peas

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The downside of being able to see out our front windows all day long is my neighbors’ ability to see INTO our windows – especially at night, when I get a spike in my energy level and finally decide to paint the nursery. I feel like I’m on stage. My neighbor across the street called me last night about something unrelated, but then commented “well, you’ve been busy!” Good thing I changed my pants, because the ones I was originally wearing kept falling down and giving me serious plumber’s crack. I asked her what she thought of the nursery color. She said “…it’s like…peas.”

I’m almost finished with the painting of the nursery and I’m quite proud of it, actually. I often stand back and try to imagine what it will look like with a crib and a baby in it, and wonder if the baby will like it. What if he gets to be four years old and tells me “mommy, I hate this color”? Will I be heartbroken thinking of all the work I put into painting the room, or will I hate the color by then, too?

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