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Wordless Wednesday: Next To Godliness

Kyle learning how to wash dishes. October, 2012. Bonus photos: How did one turn into the other? The only ways I know how to make this happen are: -hire a cleaning lady (or man, once or twice I hired a cleaning man) -put all pieces into zip top bags and spray ammonia in there. Seal and [...]

Wordless Wednesday: Smile

It’s hard to get much cuter than a one-year-old baby boy. Brady Kyle Loading InLinkz …

Wordless Wednesday: Cotton Candy

His first ever cotton candy, at the LA County Fair in 2008. I may not remember my friends’ birthdays until they are past, or a specific story someone told me, but I remembered that I had this picture in my archives! I don’t want to leave the baby out, because he was so darn cute, [...]

And Then He Turned 8

Back when I was painting Kyle’s nursery, back when he was growing safely inside my body, I had moments of doubt: I often stand back and try to imagine what it will look like with a crib and a baby in it, and wonder if the baby will like it. What if he gets to [...]