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Your KidVid: Kyle@8

UPDATE: I’ve added a 20% coupon code and a giveaway – read to the end. Yesterday’s post was just a tease for THIS: This video was edited by YourKidVid, a new service that takes your video clips and edits them together into a great little WATCHABLE package. If you’re anything like me, you have countless […]

Wordless Wednesday: Hot Boy

How Earth Was Made

by guest blogger Kyle Prince One day a man moved to planet Zog. A woman was already on planet Gloob. The man was lonely, because his planet was blown up by Zelion’s moon.  The man was very sad.  The next day the man remembered he had brought a bucket of water.  He tossed the water […]


Kyle had a playdate today and I thought Stewart was taking Brady out for the day so Kyle and his pal could have 8-year-old time uninterrupted by the little brother, but once the visitor arrived it became clear that Stewart had no intention of leaving his computer. So for a little while the boys all […]