I’m a Girl in Tech

Someone asked me the other day "Why aren't you a PR rep or an agent?" I told her that it was a good question, and I am still thinking about it 24 hours later, because shortly before she asked me, in an email to another woman, I had written the sentence "I think of myself as a … [Read more...]


This is a drawing Kyle made of our family. I'm not sure who's who, but I can bet that one of the two frowning faces is me. In fact, I'm probably the left-most face with the angry green specter above my head. This picture stopped me in my tracks when Kyle showed it to me, and I … [Read more...]

Please Make a Note of It

I haven't updated here because Blogger has suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. You've noticed that the new address for this blog is http://www.kimtracyprince.com/, right? Well, before last week, you could still type in the old blogspot URL and you would be re-directed here … [Read more...]