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All-New Blog, Now With More Action!

So, here is the place where my posts about us looking for a house and trying to sell our current one will appear: Diary of a Moving Mom. I know you hate clicking around so much to find my writing, so when you get there, why not just subscribe to the feed? I mean, you [...]

If You Think It, You Can Blog It

A couple of months ago we decided that we would consider moving within Los Angeles to get into a better school neighborhood. I won’t go into detail about why, but you can imagine. We have some pretty bright kids and we want to provide them with the best educational opportunities we can afford blah blah [...]


For when you need a safety net, Always Infinity Pads. Giving away a bunch at Stuff of Prince. “Because I don’t need, want, or ever have occasion to use guitar picks, so if someone sent me a bunch of guitar picks and I had to use them to review them, I would probably use them [...]

Preschool, Escape, and Coffee

Here are some links to my work elsewhere on the interwebs: More about Kyle’s first day of school at LA Moms Blog. Today was the third day of school, and I already forgot that it was “share day,” on which the children bring in something that starts with a certain letter. Kyle really wanted to [...]