2002Tomorrow is my seventh wedding anniversary.Amid reports of new divorce filings - by friends, friends of friends, and celebrities, who, while not friends, exactly, take up more space in my conscious brain than they should - my husband and I will pass through this milestone in … [Read more...]

I’m a Girl in Tech

Someone asked me the other day "Why aren't you a PR rep or an agent?" I told her that it was a good question, and I am still thinking about it 24 hours later, because shortly before she asked me, in an email to another woman, I had written the sentence "I think of myself as a … [Read more...]


This is a drawing Kyle made of our family. I'm not sure who's who, but I can bet that one of the two frowning faces is me. In fact, I'm probably the left-most face with the angry green specter above my head. This picture stopped me in my tracks when Kyle showed it to me, and I … [Read more...]

Please Make a Note of It

I haven't updated here because Blogger has suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. You've noticed that the new address for this blog is, right? Well, before last week, you could still type in the old blogspot URL and you would be re-directed here … [Read more...]