Summer Blogging Center

A few months ago I told a fellow blogger about a project I was doing and she was all "You should review that on Car and Caboodle" and I was all "Sure!" but I really didn't know what she was talking about. It's that thing that I do in which I act like I know, but I really don't … [Read more...]

Give Cheeks a Chance

A preview: I am now officially working with Help a Mother Out, slowly but surely creating a Los Angeles area presence. Why? Because their simple model - point, click, help - makes it easy for you to make a difference in a baby's life from the comfort of your desk chair.We're … [Read more...]

Pink Jade Earrings

"Though the bead seems divided, it has always been one and whole."I've been wanting to post about these earrings for a while. Now seems like the right time.They came from a shop on Etsy. The artisan is a young woman in Canada who is studying German. We follow each other on … [Read more...]


2002Tomorrow is my seventh wedding anniversary.Amid reports of new divorce filings - by friends, friends of friends, and celebrities, who, while not friends, exactly, take up more space in my conscious brain than they should - my husband and I will pass through this milestone in … [Read more...]