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Preschool, Escape, and Coffee

Here are some links to my work elsewhere on the interwebs: More about Kyle’s first day of school at LA Moms Blog. Today was the third day of school, and I already forgot that it was “share day,” on which the children bring in something that starts with a certain letter. Kyle really wanted to [...]

Landslide: 5 Things About the First Day of School

  1. Yes, I cried. 2. Kyle was delighted. He bounded off and left me, his aging and weepy mother, in the proverbial dust. 3. Stewart was unflappable, as usual. He took the milestone in stride. 4. I just realized that Kyle has to go BACK. Like, every DAY. 5. More on this Thursday morning [...]


Last night I told Stewart I wished our house would just burn down. There’s a fire raging close by, nobody would notice. It’s the kitchen weevils. It’s hot, my knee is failing, I have too much to do already, the kids are not behaving, the air quality is bad, and now we are doing a [...]

Guest Post: Ted Kennedy’s Funeral

I received this in an email from my mother, Barbara Tracy, otherwise known as MomHOP. She agreed to let me publish it as a guest post. I just finished watching Ted Kennedy’s funeral, all 2 and a half hours, and will most likely watch the ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery. I remember when President Kennedy [...]