The Summer Dinner Doldrums

Yesterday was Day 1 of summer vacation for the kids.  Without a break I was with them all day.  We went to a playdate that included a trip to a sunny splash park and a long car ride.  By the time we got home I was ready for a nap.  Naturally, my dinner-making ambitions flagged.

So supper was cream cheese and jelly sandwiches and raw vegetables.  We all know by now how well my kids do with vegetables.

Still, they were consumed in favor of the 2-Oreo reward.

I don’t mind making dinner while the kids are underfoot – in fact, it’s kind of a relaxing activity if I have the energy.  But I can see in our near future that on the days I’m trying to tire the kids out, I will also be too tired to do much.  That will mean some well-used dinner shortcuts.  Here are my favorites:

-breakfast for dinner, which can be pancakes and bacon or as simple as cold cereal with milk

-takeout pizza


What are your dinner shortcuts?  Share here or at Ragú®’s Facebook extravaganza, Mom’s the Word on Dinner!


  1. Kim Tracy Prince says

    Dude, Spaghetti-Os. I used to love the ones with meatballs and hot dogs in them. With chocolate milk. Mmmm, and holy sodium bath, Batman.

  2. says

    Last night it was the divide n conquor. Jackson got easy mac. Chris got a steak sandwich with left over steak from his dinner the night prior. I had a generic lean cuisine pasta, and we all had green beans from a can. Dinner of the year!

  3. Auntie Rola says

    My favorite at this point is the the ol’ grilled cheese and tomato soup. Its not so good in the summer, so I change it to a cheese sandwich and milk.

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