Breakfast For Lunch!

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My two boys are so different – they have opposite eating habits. One wolfs down his meals as fast as possible, the other takes his sweeeet time.

One loves to eat breakfast, the other can take it or leave it. I worry that he isn’t getting enough fuel to learn and play.

But there is one thing that I force them to go the same way on: school lunches. I make the same thing for them every single school day. A sandwich, a drink, sliced apples, a granola bar, and one other snack. That last snack provides the only variety in their lunchboxes. It’s pretty ho-hum, and I can imagine how not exciting or appealing it is for them to contemplate the same old meal every day. Sometimes they voice their opinions by just leaving the food in there, untouched, only for me to discover it at the end of the day.

I got the message after a couple of those days. So now, every so often, I surprise them and change it up. I let the slow-eating-breakfast-skipper have lot lunch occasionally. He loves the novelty of it.

Now Team Kellogg’s Tips for a Great Start has given me a new idea:

What about breakfast for lunch instead?


The boys’ go-to meal for breakfast is cereal, so this is perfect! I prefer a cereal product with big pieces so it’s less messy if spilled, which is a highly likely event for my boys. But think of the little thrill they get to have something so different and fun in their lunches! If I can’t find the cereal they like in a to-go cup, I can pack it in small reusable container. The boys are pretty responsible about returning them to me at the end of the day.


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