Gluten-Free Pie Recipes for Pi Day, on Foodie

This opportunity to create a collection of gluten-free pie recipes is sponsored by Foodie.

If you’ve seen me around the internet or in person lately, you may have read or hear my whining about my elimination diet. Long story short, I’m cutting out a whoooolllllleee bunch of foods for 90 days to see if I am truly allergic to them. I am investigating other solutions to the problem of my occasional crippling tummyaches, but for now this is the plan.

As such, I’m on a gluten-free, dairy-free, low glycemic diet. It’s pretty challenging, but it’s forcing me to be super creative with preparing my food or else I go faint with hunger.

And sometimes a girl’s gotta have a slice of pie.

I made this collection of a dozen pies in anticipation of choosing a suitable pie for Pi Day, March 14 (3.14 – get it?) that I can serve to my family and also enjoy while on this crazy diet. The collection is on Foodie, a site and app that is like a cross between Pinterest and Foodgawker. It’s very easy to make collections – I just installed the bookmarklet in my browser (I’m sweet on Firefox these days) and I click it every time I come across a recipe in my travels that I want to remember later. Foodie has a lot of recipes already saved by other readers, so it is easy to put in a few keywords and come up with a wealth of recipes to browse.

My head explodes with all the pie recipes and now I’m really hungry. AGAIN. Anyway, this is the first of these recipes I’m going to try: Gluten Free Cherry Blueberry Pie. Because my friend Yvonne can taste it and tell me if I did it wrong – it’s her recipe!


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    For a good and fit health we will face some problem with our diet. It’s pretty challenging, but it’s forcing me to be super creative with preparing my food. In spite of this girl’s use a splice of pie for her diet.Please add some more information about dieting.

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