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Lately my struggle (because let’s be honest, that’s what it is) with meal planning has had an added challenge: my elimination diet. I’m 50 days into a 90-day plan in which I eliminate all the foods that came up positive on a food allergy blood test. So basically I’m only supposed to eat meat and vegetables. Awesome, right?

It actually is kind of awesome because it’s super healthy. But my children and my husband want bread and processed food! Cheese! Juice! Beer!

So dinners have been weird around here lately, unless I have more time to prepare them, in which case I can make one main dish and customize the sides to each person’s preference. That’s why I was more than ready to make this special Sunday dinner collection of recipes that works for my finicky family as part of a sponsored opportunity by (it’s like Pinterest, but it’s all about food).

From “Fix It and Forget It: Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken” by Desiree Eaglin

You can click right on the recipes in the slider above, or click through to the collection on Foodie come to see the info there. These are all recipes that satisfy (or look like they could) the people in my family in some way, and they are better prepared as part of our dinner on a day when there is more time. Like Sunday. Many of them came from the blogs of people I know, which makes it even more likely that they translate to actual yummy food in real life. Enjoy!


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    I hate admitting that my family has picky eaters. I wasn’t going to allow that, you see.

    But even my husband is picky. So yeah. I failed as a parent AND a wife to bring my people to the table with enthusiasm.

    As a result, I don’t enjoy cooking. I wish I did. But nope.

    Maybe these recipes will help…
    and at the very least, I’ll get some use out of my slow cooker 😉
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