The Big London Tease

Instead of writing about day 3, which I will do another day because right now I am very tired and my tummy hurts, I am going to show you my favorite picture that I took there.

Okay, technically, I didn’t take the picture. My new friend Sarah from Mini et Moi took it. We had breakfast together and talked and bonded and laughed and she grew bright red after flipping her Nutella-covered butter knife over her shoulder and into the lap of a sharply-dressed businessman. It was awesome. Then we walked back to 50 Wimpole Street and she took this picture of me. The camera in my Palm Treo is set for low-res, so don’t think that because I went to England that my teeth somehow transformed into the unfortunately stereotyped English yellow snaggle-teeth. It’s just low resolution. Really.


  1. says

    Sounds like a blast! Was it really that cold? Can’t wait to here the rest of the story…
    p.s. yes, it is 1:22 AM here in Springfield land. Jax was exposed to chicken pox (and yes, both he and the ill child both had the vaccine) and his now has a 101 fever and is doing the crying/moaning but yet still slightly asleep sleep while I worked for the last hour since I obviously won’t be tomorrow and we have a MAJOR week tomorrow. I had slept from 9:3- until 12, so had a little blast of energy….But Ugh.

  2. says

    We did have fun! Great nutella, great conversation and good coffee! Looking forward to reading about the rest of your time here.
    (PS I wish I wasn’t a blusher! It’s a curse.)

  3. MomHOP says

    Omigod! I’m going to print this out and put it up in my office!
    Oh, can you send the book back when you’re done?

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