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Florinda says goodbye to her books.
Florinda says goodbye to her books.

I have this friend. Her name is Florinda and she is a book blogger. (She is also in our world famous Wordless Wednesday linkup and she’s also doing this Just One Paragraph challenge – our great minds think alike.) That is a person who blogs about books – it’s pretty plain and simple. In her years of book blogging, she has amassed quite a library of review copies and galleys and just…books. And today she emailed me and invited me to come “shopping” in her book stash because she is moving and she is getting rid of books she has already read, and even some she finally admitted she probably will never read. It’s like when I clean out my closet – letting go of that comfy sweater that I finally admit I will never wear again, even though I bought it in 1988, is hard. But it will find a good home on someone else’s body. I jumped at the chance and hauled the boys with me up to her house, where they did NOT behave as I looked through the stacks. I chose titles based on their authors, or their covers, or the fact that Florinda liked them or blogged about them or sometimes, both. In this case, the books found a good home with my brain, which looks at the stack that I chose from among the dozens and dozens and DOZENS to choose from, and calculates how quickly I’ll be able to burn through them. Stewart gives me a year.

My "Florinda" shelf.
My “Florinda” shelf.

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