Dad’s the Word on Dinner

Lest you think I am a big wino who would rather surf Facebook with a cold glass of pinot grigio in my hand than play with my children, let it be known that I am pretty a kick-ass wingman in LEGO Star Wars on Wii.

Still, I like to be sarcastic when a camera is stuck into my face.  That’s what comes right to the top of my head when I know everyone is listening.  And that is why I am all snarky in the latest video from Ragú®’s Mom’s the Word on Dinner:  “What is Dinnertime Like When Dad Cooks?” co-starring Whitney Moss and Renee Ross.

That part about the grill is sincere, though.  Stewart loves that grill like it’s the fifth member of our family.

What is dinnertime like when Dad cooks at YOUR house? Are you a dad who cooks every day and switches it up when Mom cooks? Pipe up in the comments!


  1. says

    this is backwards, as i was the main cook when we were married. i had the skills & desire; she was learning. she also did not have a driver’s license, did not know how to diaper a baby, and had no idea that she could actually be responsible for some of our fights. so i did the cooking, i got up in the middle of the night to diaper (which i was cool with; middle-of-the-night has to be shared), and i got blamed for 100% of the things that led to our divorce.

    i can still out-cook her by a mile, i’m sure. and my older son, now married & with a daughter, loves to cook & grill. he may still be angry about the divorce, but he’s slowly turning into me. booyah.

  2. Chris Hatty says

    I cook for my wife (and for me), but lately it’s been less complicated fare. because we have a little (less than a year) one, and we share lots of child care duties.

    I LOVE to use the smoker, and I like the grill, because the food from both is delicious and potentially plentiful. The smoker’s a bit of a hassle to clean, I admit.

    I’d use Ragu if I wasn’t currently on Tim Ferriss’s so-called “Slow Carb Diet.” Jars of sauce often have sugars I am currently trying to avoid, though.

  3. says

    My biggest question I don’t see a disclosure on your relationship with Ragu.

    Not sure what your intentions where with the video but bashing dads might not have been a the best decision to get them cooking.

    I understand your sharing your story but there are a few pieces to the puzzle missing.

  4. says

    Raul, disclosure is in the video, but that is a good point – I forgot the regular wording at the bottom of the post. I was compensated for my appearance in the video, and for my social media promotion of the series.

    What’s NOT in the video is any bashing of dads. Did you watch it?

  5. says

    This video is not Dad-bashing at all! I love to cook but I admit, the grill is where I retreat. Inside, it’s pizza or pasta but it’s my wife who experiments and expands our choices. If it was a left to me, I’d happily cook but it would be boring after the 3rd day.

    Still, I’d bet there is little correlation between gender and enjoyment of cooking. Some women hate it while some men love it! My advice: always keep the local take-out numbers handy.

  6. Rick says

    Hi came across from f.b. I am not offended by the vid. BUT it is a bit outdated?
    Or at least I thought this idea is supposed to be ? I admit to being a bit slanted in my thoughts ,as an old hippie type living in Kansas I don’t always see things clearly either.
    I just get giggles from what others buy anyway and will also admit I didn’t even know all those items were available from them?
    As a single Father and a person who was raised in a kitchen I am now getting laughs from my 13 yr daughter is in home Ec. taking my ideas & recipes to the classroom .
    The teacher is now asking ME for Ideas for the Holidays lol. We communicated by email for a long time ,but I think she was set back a bit when we met and I am skinny red head & not a rotund chef or pit master or wearing pink apron.
    I have always asked why it is the “chef” in a prime kitchen gets all the respect but no one thinks they can or do cook at home ? lol Thanks Rick Wichita Kansas

  7. says

    I don’t see any dad-bashig. I see moms chatting about life at home. Good lord…

    Also, Kim, you and I lead almost identical lives when it comes to husbands and grilling. I love that my husband loves to grill. But when I go out and he is in charge, his cooking style is take-out. It’s all good. :)

  8. says

    There’s no dad-bashing here. Those people and their ridiculous language and hatred are obviously morons. Hold your head up high Kimmy, they’re just jealous they don’t have a sponsored campaign with anyone or a blog that anyone actually reads-that’s all.

  9. Auntie Rola says

    I find it hilarious that men consider this dad bashing. This is nice happy joshing, or playful flirting at the worst! And has anyone considered that the dads are most likely proud to be acknowledged as they were? Just because one person in a partnership cannot, or chooses not to cook, is not bashing or shameful. I cook because, like other women including my mother, I’m more inventive and will try to cook something outside the norm and have my family try new things.

    I know, and love, that my husband can cook. He just prefers not to most of the time, but when he does he goes all out with a salad and cooking sides and grilling something. My son enjoys it when he cooks because he gets to run around outside like a crazy man in the backyard while daddy drinks a beer by the grill and I get to enjoy a moment of peace.

    Kudos Kim, it was a really good post!

  10. says

    BTW, I forgot to mention that I see no dad bashing in the video. This is a great conversation starter. When I mentioned it to my husband .. he reminded me that he is the better cook. ha – – oh yes, but mama (me) has a lot for fun.

  11. says

    Funny enough, spaghetti and a jar of sauce is about the only thing my husband knows how to cook, and then only if I am seriously, seriously sick. We’re talking delirious with a fever and a note from the doctor. Otherwise, it’s Dell Taco for the kids or bowls of Cheerios if it’s just him.

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