Sh*t I Say: “And, Scene!”

Today is the first day of the April A to Z Challenge.  During this month I will be writing blog posts every day (with breaks on all Sundays except this one) about the topic “Sh*t I Say” starting with each consecutive letter of the alphabet.  This is one crazy project, y’all.

…and, scene!

He hates this photo

This is my cousin, Jason.  My children like to call him Chicken.  Brady in particular likes to roar his name, as in “CHICKEN!!!”  They love him.  They often tell me “I miss Chicken,” or “I want to hang out with Chicken.”

Jason teaching Brady how to do a double-somersault

But Jason is a 30 year old man living the young fabulous life in West Hollywood.  He dips a toe in suburbia when he comes to visit – and then goes back to his busy celebrity-filled existence.  It is always a joy to spend time with him.  He is very entertaining.

Jason pretends to be angry at the injustice of this photo

Jason, who is a professionally trained actor, (see above) joins me today to illustrate a phrase I love to use when the moment is right.

This is how “…and scene” is used in its intended form:

and this is how people use it to punctuate stories in real life. Or to make fun of somebody:

Jason, everybody!

Since I don’t audition for things, the second way is how I use the phrase. Or actually sometimes I just realize that I’m being ridiculous and I use it the first way, to shut myself up.


  1. says

    Omg he is so adorable. He reminds me of my boyfriend, the part where he’s so good with niece and nephews, but I have to say he is a pretty funny guy (my boyfriend) lol. Your brother is a pretty darn good actor, much success to him! Thanks for sharing, and dropping by my blog :)

  2. says

    Great start to the A-Z challenge. Love the nickname “chicken.” And I didn’t know about the “And scene” part. Very informative. Thx!:)

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